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4.5 Into the in between, through the black, deals with demons, deals with the Hecate, framed for murder, necromancers about, fights the Morrigan, her love is not right, and yet she goes on. Pete does them all, with a pair of brass ones ! Dang if this girl doesn't get everything that can go badly thrown at her.
Belial, the big nasty demon that claimed Jacks soul is back and he's full of snarky comebacks. He dresses fancy and has a dark twisted wit that reminds me of Kim Harrison's demon AL. I really liked Belial, he was just right on the evil scale. He is tricked in this book and loses Jacks soul to another bad. But a deal is made that brings him up from the pit and into the world for some boot arse kicking !
Pete she is a stupid girl in love with a life draining man. Their relationship can never be easy, never be smooth or simple. The ties that bind them are stronger perhaps than the evil they place upon each other. I can only hope. beacuse-What happens at the end is heartbreaking.
The cliffhanger ending has me sitting on the edge of my seat ordering the next book. This series gets better and better with each book. It is a dark urban fantasy.

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