Storm Over Morocco

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World Audience, Incorporated, 2007 - Religion - 276 pages
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This edition includes an Epilogue on the author's recent quest for spiritual peace among religions in the Middle East, notably highlighting interfaith activities in Israel and Palestine. He takes readers to the middle of the Jenin Refugee Camp where he spoke with many former prisoners of the Israeli government. The author believes that from the Jenin Refugee Camp, the heartthrob of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, will flow the river of peace that will reach the four corners of the world.

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A poorly planned (unplanned?) search for "universal religion" leads the author into a cult-like conservative religious community in Morocco. But if you saw the words "fanatics" and "fundamentalism ... Read full review

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The book is about his spiritual path and about fundamentalist religions and brainwashing techniques. It also discusses the status of women in orthodox/fundamentalist Islamic communities. It, however, is not at all a criticism of Islam as he states he learned a great deal from that religion.
Frank Romano was a young Californian living in Paris, studying philosophy during the 70’s and searching for the ideals of a universal religion that believed in peace, tolerance and freedom. He had no idea that his next trip would find him held captive by militant Muslims. Romano’s intriguing book tells the story of how, as a young man, he was impressed by a group of young Moroccans and their Islamic faith, and believing that the study of Islam would help in his quest to gain spiritual discipline, he entered a mosque in Casablanca to study the Qur’an and Arabic. He soon realized he was living a nightmare of confinement and brain washing at the hands of militant Muslim fanatics. Falsely accused of being a Zionist spy after he questioned the treatment of women, and later acquitted by an internal tribunal, he was forced to remain a prisoner within the walls of the mosque.
What a frightening look into what could happen to any of us!!

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About the author (2007)

Romano is a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He is the founder of a number of magazines and user groups.

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