Jewish Sports Legends: The International Jewish Hall of Fame

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A fine accomplishment...exhaustive research...Jewish Sports Legends opens a wide world of sports. - Los Angeles Times While many great Jewish sports figures are household names - Koufax, Greenberg, Spitz, and Auerbach probably come first to the minds of American fans - others are not as well known. Jewish Sports Legends features profiles and photographs of the famous, and the not so famous, members of the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. Among other interesting facts, readers will learn that - * No fewer than twenty-nine boxing titles were held by Jews. * A Jew created baseball's World Series. * A Jewish runner won medals in four consecutive Olympics. * A rabbi's son was deemed the world's strongest man in the 1964 Olympics. * A Jewish gymnast won seven medals in a single Olympics. * A Jewish wrestler once won 400 consecutive matches. * Four Jews are among the top ten Olympic medal winners of all time. * A Jew held five National Basketball Association records when he retired, including career points.

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