Indus Script on Its Way to Decipherment

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Bharatiya Kala Prakashan, 2000 - History - 216 pages
This book INDUS SCRIPT ON ITS WAY OF DECIPHERMENT is the result from an interest which the author developed in Harappan Archaeology since last 17 years during his stay at Institute of Archaeology London and later on in National Museum New Delhi where he is holding charge of Harappan material since the last 15 years. It was concluded Proto Dravidian and earliest Aryan were present in Harappan population. The author concluded Harappan script was Proto Brahmi and their languages were Proto-Dravidian Brahui and Laukik Sanskrit. The more positive chapter is on catalogue of Indus Seals and identification of Harappan script sign. This book is in a very simple English language which will be very useful for student and public. The author contradicted pre conceived idea of only dravidian language theory of Harappan. He prefers Name of South Asian Civilization for this earliest civilization of South Asia region. A unique contribution of the author is identification of Inscribed double headed Siva from Kali-bangan. Which has three sign in proto Brahmi script and author read these three sign as or Sivam.

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The author is quite right in concluding the Harappan (Indus) language to be Sanskritic and the writing to be proto-Brahmi. with the collapse of the Aryan Invasion Theory which is what gave rise to the idea of the Dravidian theory, a close examination of the symbolism of the iconography of the seals-- svasti sign, om sign, yogic postures and the like show the unmistakable influence of Vedic thought on the Harappans. So there is no reason to look for any language unrelated to Vedic Sanskrit like the hypothetical and possibly never-existing proto-Dravidian.
Having noted this, I would like to mention that both the conclusions of Dr Deo Prakash Sharma were presented and examined in detail by myself and the late Natwar Jha in our book THE DECIPHERED INDUS SCRIPT: METHODOLOGY, READINGS, INTERPRETATIONS by N. Jha and N.S. Rajaram published in 2000 by Aditya Prakashan of Delhi. This aroused a furious reaction from upholders of the Aryan invasion-Dravidian hypothesis, notably Michael Witzel and Romila Thapar, with the former raising irrelevant issues like the presence of the horse, etc.
Also, at the invitation of Dr. Sharma himself I contributed several articles to the two-volume work on the Harappan Civilization he edited.
So I have no reason to disagree with his main conclusions though I have yet to examine his work.
N.S. Rajaram


Indus Valley Civilization
The Harappan Seals Inscriptions from outside the Indus Region

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