The Lion's Share

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Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1907 - Kidnapping - 376 pages
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Page 326 - The very winds asleep ; Thy heart's so tender sentinel His watch and ward doth keep. And on the wings of zephyrs soft That wander how they will, To thee, oh woman fair, to thee My prayers go fluttering still. Oh take the heart's love to thy heart Of one that doth adore ! Have pity — add not to the flame That burns thy troubadour! And if compassion stir thy breast For my eternal woe, Oh, as I love thee, loveliest Of woman, love me so!
Page 183 - I alone — that was the worst — all the people that had trusted me ! And just that some rich men should be richer. Why should they have the lion's share ? The lion's share belongs to the lion. They are nothing but jackals. They're meaner than jackals, for the jackals take what the lion leaves, and these fellows steal the lion's meat away from him. We made honest money; we paid honest wages; folks had more paint on their houses and more meat in their storehouses, and wore better clothes Sunday,...
Page 230 - a search [in a dark room] for a black cat that isn't there." In the foregoing we have tried to illustrate, by a commentary on selections from the post- 1945 literature, those of the central problems in the determination of interest which have mainly engrossed attention since wartime preoccupations receded. In addition to this debate on fundamentals, there have...
Page 326 - Tu duke sentinela te guarda el corazon. Y en alas de los zefiros, que vagan por doquier, Volando van mis suplicas, a ti, bella mujer. Volando van mis suplicas, a ti, bella mujer. De un corazon que te ama, recibe el tierno amor ; No aumentes mas la llama, piedad a un trobador.

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