A Treatise on the Comparative Geography of Western Asia: Accompanied with an Atlas of Maps, Volume 1

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C.J.G. & F. Rivington, 1831 - Middle East

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Page lxiii - His tour of observation extended from the Mediterranean on the west, to the Euphrates on the east, and...
Page 347 - It would appear that the tract which contains the sources of the Western Euphrates, the Aras, the Iris, and Eastern Halys, is altogether the highest part of this region, since it separates the eastern and western waters, the whole way across from Cilicia to Moschica." Is the last mentioned name the same as the modern Moosh ? Aud is not " Moschica" the same as " Mesheck
Page xliii - Whilst these detached services were in progress, I was on horseback from the rising, to the setting of the sun...
Page 19 - ... Journal. Over the sections which have been worked out and tested against the most recent maps, his survey does him great credit. He evidently took immense trouble to ascertain the rate of movement of the camel caravan. Rennell compliments him on his perseverance, and on the result attained. He says, " Mr. Carmichael's whole line of bearing, by compass, about 720 British miles (by road 750 nearly) coincided with the bearing line given by the celestial observations . . . " f It is interesting to...
Page 86 - Damascus ; and in such a situation as to make it likely to be the Theman of Eusebius, 15 MP.
Page 352 - the colour of the water of the Phasis resembled that of water impregnated with lead or tin ; that is, it may be concluded of a bluish cast.
Page 105 - It will be necessary, in this place, to say a few words respecting the longitude of Trabezon. M. de Beauchamp's observation of longitude at Trabezon, recorded in theMem.Egyptienne, Vol. ii. gives 39 3?

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