Inflation Tax: The Plan to Deal with the Debts

Front Cover
Pete Comley, 2013 - Corporations - 240 pages
Inflation Tax is the first book to present in simple easy to read way why inflation is such a big problem in the UK (even at low levels). It is reducing the standard of living of most people and redistributing wealth from savers to debtors. The book shows that inflation is not a mere by-product of random economic forces. Instead it is a stealth tax primarily paid by savers and pensioners. Furthermore, it has been used by successive governments since 1945 as a tool to manage the UK's debts. The book examines likely future inflation scenarios in the UK and the best ways to save and invest in those environments. Contents: SECTION I - INFLATION 1. Inflation - why you should be worried 2. What is inflation? 3. Theories of inflation 4. Measuring inflation: RPI/CPI SECTION II - DEBT 5. Government debt and the UK's Financial Dunkirk 6. Labour's post war solution to the debt 7. US inflation reduces UK debts 8. Debt: 1970s onwards SECTION III - INFLATION TAX 9. The benefits of inflation tax 10. Who pays inflation tax? 11. Disguising inflation tax 12. Problems with inflation tax SECTION IV - THE IMPLICATIONS 13. How to pay less inflation tax 14. Future debt and inflation scenarios 15. Concluding thoughts

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