The Mediterranean Race: A Study of the Origin of European Peoples

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W. Scott, 1901 - Electronic books - 320 pages
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Page 332 - GHOSTS," "AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE," and "THE WILD DUCK." With an Introductory Note. VOL. III. " LADY INGER OF OSTRAT," "THE VIKINGS AT HELGELAND," "THE PRETENDERS." With an Introductory Note and Portrait of Ibsen. VOL. IV. "EMPEROR AND GALILEAN.
Page 322 - As to the larger section of the public, to whom the series of Great Writers is addressed, no record of Emerson's life and work could be more desirable, both in breadth of treatment and lucidity of style, than Dr. Garnett's.
Page 328 - Among the distinguished French students of sociology, Professor Letourneau has long stood in the first rank. He approaches the great study of man free from bias and shy of generalisations. To collect, scrutinise, and appraise facts is his chief business. In the volume before us he shows these qualities in an admirable degree." — Science. XIV. BACTERIA AND THEIR PRODUCTS. By Dr. G. SIMS WOODHEAD. Illustrated. Second Edition. "An excellent summary of the present state of knowledge of the subject.
Page 323 - Gazette LIFE OF VICTOR HUGO. By Frank T. Marzials. Mr- Marzials's volume presents to us, in a more handy form than any English, or even French handbook gives, the summary of what, up to the moment in which we write, is known or conjectured about the life of the great poet."— Saturday Review.
Page 322 - No English poet since Shakespeare has observed certain aspects of nature and of human life more closely; and in the qualities of manliness and of sincerity he is surpassed by none. . . . Mr. Kebbel's monograph is worthy of the subject." — Athcnaum. Life of Darwin. By GT Bettany. "Mr. GT Bettany's Life of Darwin is a sound and conscientious work.
Page 323 - Aberdeen Free Press. Life of Arthur Schopenhauer. By William Wallace. " The series of ' Great Writers' has hardly had a contribution of more marked and peculiar excellence than the book which the Whyte Professor of Moral Philosophy at Oxford has written for...
Page 323 - Life of Arthur Schopenhauer. By William Wallace. "The series of Great Writers has hardly had a contribution of more marked and peculiar excellence than the book which the Whyte Professor of Moral Philosophy at Oxford has written for it on the attractive and still (in England) little-known subject of Schopenhauer." — Manchester Guardian. Life of Scott. By Professor Yonge. " For readers and lovers of the poems and novels of Sir Walter Scott this is a most enjoyable book.
Page 332 - ... in each volume is chronological ; the complete set of volumes comprising the dramas thus presents them in chronological order. "The art of prose translation does not perhaps enjoy a very high literary status in England, but we have no hesitation in numbering the present version of Ibsen, so far as it has gone (Vols. I. and II.), among the very best achievements, in that kind, of our generation.
Page 324 - This is an admirable book. Nothing could be more felicitous and fairer than the way in which he takes us through Carlyle's life and works."— Pall Hall Gazette. LIFE OF ADAM SMITH. By RB Haldane, MP " Written with a perspicuity seldom exemplified when dealing with economic science.
Page 323 - LIFE OF DANTE GABRIEL ROSSETTI. By J. Knight. "Mr. Knight's picture of the great poet and painter is the fullest and best yet presented to the public.

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