Advances in Stochastic Inequalities: AMS Special Session on Stochastic Inequalities and Their Applications, October 17-19, 1997, Georgia Institute of Technology

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This volume contains 15 articles based on invited talks given at an AMS Special Session on ``Stochastic Inequalities and Their Applications'' held at Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta). The session drew international experts who exchanged ideas and presented state-of-the-art results and techniques in the field. Together, the articles in the book give a comprehensive picture of this area of mathematical probability and statistics. The book includes new results on the following: convexity inequalities for ranges of vector measures; inequalities for tails of Gaussian chaos and for independent symmetric random variables; Bonferroni-type inequalities for sums of stationary sequences; Rosenthal-type second moment inequalities; variance inequalities for functions of multivariate random variables; correlation inequalities for stable random vectors; maximal inequalities for VC classes; deviation inequalities for martingale polynomials; and expectation equalities for bounded mean-zero Gaussian processes. Various articles in the book emphasize applications of stochastic inequalities to hypothesis testing, mathematical finance, statistics, and mathematical physics.

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Bounds on the nonconvexity of ranges of vector measures with atoms
The class of Gaussian chaos of order two is closed by taking limits in distribution
Two inequalities and some applications in connection with p mixing a survey
Variance inequalities for functions of multivariate random variables
A note on sums of independent random variables
Exponential integrability of diffusion processes
Local dependencies in random fields via a Bonferronitype inequality
Pricingdifferentials and bounds for lookback options and prophet problems in probability
A correlation inequality for stable random vectors
A note on the maximal inequalities for VC classes
Comparison of moments via Poincarétype inequality
Fractional sums and integrals of rconcave tails and applications to comparison probability inequalities
Product formula tails and independence of multiple stable integrals
A domination inequality for martingale polynomials
A logconcavity proof for a Gaussian exponential bound

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