A Grammar of Pacoh: A Mon-Khmer Language of the Central Highlands of Vietnam

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Pacific Linguistics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, the Australian National University, 2006 - 129
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Pacoh is a member of the Katuic group of the Mon-Khmer language family. It is spoken by about 10,000 people in the central highlands of Vietnam. The language is currently undergoing substantial change under the influence of Vietnamese. Pacoh shares many typological characteristics in common with other Mon-Khmer languages including a topic-comment style of basic SVO syntax. It is a classifier language with noun-modifier word order. The major word formation processes are prefixation with 'presyllables' (deriving such things as causative verbs), infixation (deriving nouns from verbs, for example) and reduplication. In common with many other Mon-Khmer languages, Pacoh has a sesquisyllabic word structure in which presyllables are unstressed, and vowel phonemes show a distinction in register. This book describes the major features of Pacoh grammar and also contains a glossary of Pacoh words. It is an extensively revised version of the author's PhD dissertation from the University of Hawaii.

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Unconditioned Pacoh nasals
Early analysis and current transcription of Pacoh vowels and diphthongs
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