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Reviewers of David Michaelis's SCHULZ AND PEANUTS have been thrust into the midst of a bitter dispute that none of us can rightly settle. The author says, “This is the man I found,” while the family maintains it's no one they know. At issue is whether or not Charles Schulz was privately morose and melancholy, a “tortured artist” in the tradition of Byron and Rimbaud. Michaelis says, “Was!” Family ... Read full review

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The book starts off slow with Schulz' early life, but gets a lot more interesting once Michaelis gets to Schulz' relationships, war experience, and of course, the creation of Peanuts. Michaelis also includes Peanuts strips peppered throughout the book in correspondence with something from Schulz' life that happens to Charlie Brown as well. Really entertaining book, and has lots of detail on Schulz life and the birth of Peanuts. I'd recommend it for anyone remotely interested in finding out the story behind the legend. 

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