Communism, Democracy and Catholic Power

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Read Books, 2008 - History - 356 pages
COMMUNISM, DEMOCRACY, AND CATHOLIC POWER by THOMAS JEFFERSON Contents include: Preface ........ ix 1 . PATTERN AND PANORAMA 1 e 2. THE KREMLIN STRUCTURE OF POWER ... 23 3. THE VATICAN STRUCTURE OF POWER ... 43 4. THE DEVICES OF DEIFICATION . . . . 65 5. THE KREMLIN AND THOUGHT CONTROL . . 84 6. THE VATICAN AND THOUGHT CONTROL . . . 105 7. THE KREMLIN AND THE VATICAN VERSUS THE PUB LIC SCHOOL 131 8. DISCIPLINE AND DEVOTION 159 9. THE MANAGEMENT OF TRUTH: THE KREMLIN . 183 10. THE MANAGEMENT OF TRUTH: THE VATICAN . 212 1 1 . THE STRATEGY OF PENETRATION: THE KREMLIN . 243 12. THE STRATEGY OF PENETRATION: THE VATICAN . 263 13. THE AMERICAN ANSWER 287 Appendix 302 I. The Mussolini-Vatican Agreements of 1929 ( Excerpts) II. The Roosevelt-Spellraan Correspondence Bibliography 313 Notes 316 Index 333. Preface: MY ORIGINAL INSPIRATION for this book came from reading the lectures delivered at Butler University by the well-known scholar, Professor George La Piana of Harvard, and published in the Shane Quarterly ( 1949) under the title, A Totalitarian Church in a Democratic State: the Ameri can Experiment. Professor La Piana spoke in those lectures of the impressive parallelism of theoretical principles and of institutional fea tures in a totalitarian church and in a totalitarian state. He pointed out that the totalitarianism of the Catholic Church differs from that of the state, because it has a spiritual content and a spiritual purpose which are completely lacking in the latter, but that nevertheless there is a real structural parallel between this Church as an organized system of power and the totalitarian states bent on expansion and domination. I have applied that suggestive remark of Professor La Piana to one segment of the problem, the three-way struggle between the Vatican, the Kremlin, and democracy; but its elaboration and interpretation are wholly my own. Two noted experts on Russian affairs have reviewed the portions of this book which deal with Communism Warren B. Walsh, Chairman of the Board of Russian Studies at Syracuse University, and Frederick C. Barghoorn, Associate Professor of Political Science at Yale University. I am grateful for their - constructive suggestions, but I am entirely respon sible for any opinions expressed or for any errors in the text. Kenneth Dailey, of Syracuse University, has also helped me materially with re search among Russian documents. Over a period of several years, the editor of the Beacon Press has contributed to my files a mass of revealing material from Communist and Catholic periodicals published in this country and abroad, together with many helpful quotations from democratic periodicals. Edward Darling of the Beacon Press has been immensely helpful to me in many ways, especially in the period when I was overseas. The officials of the Baker Library at Dartmouth have been unfailingly generous with their literary treasures. Although I have relied heavily on documentary material in this study, no survey of such a subject would be complete without on-the-spot obser vation. My previous studies had included five periods of observation in Europe and two in the Orient, with a short period of residence in Moscow; but it was the weekly magazine The Nation which made it possible to gather together all these past threads of observation and experience into a book, by sending me to Europe in 1950 as its special correspondent in Rome for the Holy Year. ...

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