Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education

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The Committee, 1865 - School buildings
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Page xxii - ... notice) for failure on the part of the managers to remedy any such defect in the premises as seriously interferes with the efficiency of the school, or to provide proper furniture, books, maps, and other apparatus of elementary instruction. If the inspector at...
Page lxxv - ... same period, and dividing the sum by the number of times the school has met within the same period ; the quotient is the average number in attendance.
Page xxxix - An inspector may visit any public school, or other school subject to inspection, at any other time without notice. 13. Grants are issued to each school only once per annum. The year for this purpose is reckoned as ending with the last day (inclusive) of the month preceding that fixed for the inspector's annual visit.
Page xlvi - A second inspection, wherein another inspector takes part, is made in every such instance, and if the grant be finally withheld, a special minute of the case is made and recorded.
Page lix - ... reported by the proper department in each case to have completed a like period of good service as an elementary teacher in the Army or Royal Navy, or (within Great Britain) in Poor Law Schools, Certified Industrial Schools, or Certified Reformatories.
Page xxxix - Aid to maintain schools is given by annual grants conditional upon the attendance and proficiency of the scholars, the qualifications of the teachers, and the state of the schools. 5. These grants are made, — a. " To any school board for and in respect of the public schools under their management.
Page lxxx - ... informs the managers in what month to look for the inspector's annual visit. This month remains the same from year to year, unless the Department informs the managers of a change. Notice of the day of the inspector's annual visit is given beforehand to the managers.
Page lxxviii - The sum of 4s. per scholar, according to the average number in attendance throughout the year (Article 26).
Page xl - ... new school is suitable to the families relied upon for supplying scholars. (c.) That the school is likely to be maintained in efficiency. (d.) That the buildings, at the time of application, have not been begun nor contracted for, and that no trust deed has been executed. 23. The grants made by the Committee of Council for building, enlarging, improving, or fitting up elementary schools, are not to exceed any one of the following limits, viz.: — 1st Limit.

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