Stories of Strange Lands: And Fragments from the Notes of a Traveller

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E. Moxon, 1835 - 366 pagine
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Pagina 244 - She was interrupted by a return of the noise ; it recommenced with a harsh, grating sound, and appeared now to come from the ceiling, now from the window, and now from the earth. At times it was so loud, that the lady and gentleman thought it was a boat hauled ashore, and flew to the window. A bright moonlight rendered every thing visible ; but nothing of the kind was to be seen.
Pagina 245 - ... of his servants. On the ensuing day, every endeavour was made to find out the cause of this mysterious music; but it baffled all research, and defied every conjecture. The evening advanced, and all remained perfectly quiet : the lady and gentleman went into the next room to partake of some refreshment, and the music recommenced exactly in the same manner as before. The gentleman returned alone to the larger room, without a light; and, seating himself in the middle of the room, so as to be able...
Pagina 246 - Eolian sounds — these harsh gratings — these awful and heavenly tones — these attempts at robbery— and these frightened smugglers, were occasioned by - a simple snail, which was crawling across the pane. As it drew nearer to the centre of the pane, the sounds became deeper and fuller; as it approached the edge, they were shrill as a fife. The occasional touching of its shell, in its course, and the greater or less sliminess of the animal, produced the vibrations and harsh gratings, the former...
Pagina 243 - ... spot if she wore a becoming night costume, because it was the fashion for ladies to walk about in that dress at F , and who never returned from a visit to his marine villa, without gravely assuring his daughters that the smugglers had not again been driven to make use of his premises. In the course of the ensuing summer, a near relation of the proprietor of this beautiful spot, with his wife, children, and servants, went to the same house, for the sake of the sea air. After a few days' stay,...
Pagina 239 - ... some one breaking into the dining-room." " Nonsense," observed an elder sister, " no one would think of coming in here, and papa has been fishing all day, so we must not wake him on an uncertainty. Look out, and see if any one is on the lawn.
Pagina 140 - ... been the willing instruments of his success ; and that they had also been enriched by their mutual barter. " No ; it was not right that a white man should come and take away their gold, and they never would rest satisfied till they had it all back again.
Pagina 238 - What can it be ?" said she, in a scarcely audible tone. A long silence followed, and again came the sound, deeper and louder than ever, and continued till the whole window seemed to ring, and to shake in every pane. The house was built not many yards from the sea : no habitation, except the station-towers of the preventive service, stood nearer than a quarter of a mile : the village was even more distant; but the situation was deemed so secure, from its retirement, that there was not even a fastening...
Pagina 105 - Booroom streams, tempted her to try its surface. The chief difficulty was how to guide her canoe ; but of what is not human nature capable when hoping to reach all that is dear? Upon a small river, near Melli, Inna and Kobara had frequently been in a canoe, which had been guided by one of their father's slaves, who came from the coast. She therefore took hold of a paddle, and as well as she could, from recollection, tried to make use of it. She launched her little bark, but kept close by the side...
Pagina 92 - Kobara found that she did not bring his breakfast offoofoo* as usual, he inquired if illness had prevented her appearance. Every room was searched, and great was the consternation at not finding her; no one dared to utter the fact to Kobara, till a woman, with frantic gestures, rushed in from the village, carrying an anklet of coral, recognized as having been worn by Inna the preceding day, and which her son had picked up in the forest. All was confusion, screaming and yelling; Amanqua and Zabirma...
Pagina 238 - The attention of all was deeply engaged, and nought was heard but the low and gentle voice of the reader, when a faint vibration of the window beneath caused a cessation, and a glance of enquiry from one sister to the other. — " It was only the wind," said the standing beauty, and the reader resumed her happy occupation.

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