Ahead of the Show; Or, The Adventures of Al Allston: Advance Agent ...

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Street, 1897 - 198 pages
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Page 147 - I bid you good afternoon,' and walked out. Did I do right, sir?" Mr. Rockefeller meditated for an instant and replied thoughtfully : "Whether what you said was right or wise, I would not venture to judge; time alone can answer that question; but I may say to you, my son, that if I had been in your place, I should have done precisely what you did.
Page 189 - Where did you get it? What are you going to do with it?" "I got it in New Dublin," I replied, "and I want it to amuse and occupy me while I am at home. I haven't anything else to do, except things that take me away from you.
Page 222 - Moscow," one of the strongest and most pleasing pieces of popular fiction ev«| written. It was formerly published only in highpriced editions and is now being offered in cheap form for the first time. Read it and you will see at a glance =just why Sylvanus Cobb, Jr., is famous as a novelist.
Page 222 - This new line is composed exclusively of the copyrighted •works of Sylvanus Cobb, Jr. Every reader has heard of and perhaps read some of the interesting works of this author, whose wonderful genius is evinced in every line he ever wrote.
Page 220 - ... teeming with humor, life and thrilling action. No better stories of adventure in school and out, on land and sea, have ever been written. Cloth. 12mo. Price, 50 Cents each, postpaid. JACK HARKAWAY'S SCHOOL DATS.
Page 199 - This line also contains some of the best works of Oliver Optic, another author whose entire life was devoted to writing books that would tend to interest and elevate our boys.
Page 28 - ... is a very short time. That trip to Lowestoffe couldn't have been much above a week before you came to me." ''What does it matter?" "Oh no; of course not; — nothing to you. I think I Will go away now, Mr. Montague. It was very good of you to come and tell me all. It makes it so much feasier.
Page 222 - His love situations are pleasing in the extreme, and underlying all, there is a spice of mystery that only whets the reader's appetite and makes him long for all the books of this gifted writer. The first number will be " The Gunmaker of Moscow," one of the strongest and most pleasing pieces of popular fiction ev«| written.
Page 122 - ... at your time of life I would have you carefully avoid such subjects. You may meet with orators to whom faith would be troublesome : it is expedient to many that the Gospel should not be true, and such people exert their wit and talents in endeavou-ring to prove it false; which I am sure would be as painful for you to hear, as it would be impossible for you to think. " You will see in your chart the concealed rocks that lie in every direction near that coast. " Politics you may perhaps wonder...
Page 131 - Do you remember what I told you the last time we met, that no power on earth could make me give you up ? I meant what I said, I mean it still.

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