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Hi everyone... If, like me, you find the nuts and bolts of grammar endlessly fascinating, then this is the ultimate book for you, too. It is without doubt the best 36 I have ever spent. This book, 2nd edition (1999) written by our friends Celce-Murcia and Larsen-Freeman, is just about the most comprehensive study and explication of all those cul-de-sac grammar questions students always want to know the answers to, but more often than not we fail to give satisfactory explanations because we are not always quite sure ourselves. NOT ANY MORE! At 829 pages, this book covers almost (I can't think of any others myself) every grammar query we are ever likely to encounter; not only that, but it explains the reasons behind the grammar from three levels: the sub sentential/morphology - the sentential/syntactic - the supra sentential/ discourse. PLUS: it looks at grammar from three cross-sectional dimensions with regard to: Form-Meaning-Use. THERE'S MORE! At the end of each chapter there are little tests, endnotes, examples of real students' errors which ask you to remedy them and explain the possible reasons for their occurrence, helpful tips on how to teach the items in an L2 classroom, and a superb bibliography for further reading. This really is the light sabre of all grammar books; and as a practising L2 instructor, I've read and bought enough over the years to know my onions. I cannot believe this book wasn't on one of my bibliography lists at the start of my MA TESOL program? So, if you have a spare 36 and want to know all there is about grammar, and much more besides, do yourself a very big favour and invest it in this magnificent tome (only in hardback). It also doubles as a brilliant dissertation-avoidance technique! Is it any good? Is the Pope Catholic? 

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i need to this book
i am basically known only mother tongue now learn English but find out lot of website
don't have anyone clearly could you please give me beginner notes

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A tour de force synthesis of transformational generative grammar and communicative/discursive EFL/ESL pedagogy. That being said, the index needs a serious revision.

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