Affinities, Volume 2

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Page 99 - ... using. They endeavored to cast out the demons in the same manner, pronouncing, like the Apostle, the sacred name of Jesus. Their attempt proved a miserable failure. The unhappy man upon whom they made the experiment, in one of those mysterious crises of supernatural lucidity common to such cases, cried out, " Jesus I know, and Paul I know ; but who are ye ?" and, leaping on the false exorcists with demoniacal strength, wounded and overcame them.
Page 47 - English character in her Australian novels. Her view of the ' smart ' section of English society is somewhat severe. After reading several of her novels, one could almost imagine her defending her literary preference in the words of Esme Colquhoun, in Affinities : ' What is our mission — we writers — but to distil the essence of the age? The critics tell us that we are complex, that we are corrupt, that we are anatomists of diseased minds. We reply : The age is complex ; the age is corrupt, and...
Page 128 - The atmosphere around us is crowded with forces, currents, influences, intelligences — call them what you will — to which we are more or less sensitive, according to individual temperament and moral and physical conditions. In some the barrier which divides our souls from these invisibles needs but the lightest touch to be thrown down. This may be done by the force of our own purified aspirations, or by the will of a strongly magnetic person dissimilarly electrified to ourselves, who has within...
Page 230 - Eespect those mighty ones who tread in the fourth path of holiness ; for they are holy.' As her enthusiasm intensified, her voice became sweet and bell-like, and the changes which took place in the countenance of this remarkable woman were astonishing in their rapidity and variety. They resembled the play of lightning upon a landscape which alternates between sullen gloom and dazzling splendour. She took a cigarette from the heap...
Page 48 - The reign of healthy melodrama is over; the reign of analysis has commenced. We make dramas of our sensations, not of our actions.

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