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Page 39 - If a Jew wrong a Christian, what is his humility ? revenge ; if a Christian wrong a Jew, what should his sufferance be by Christian example ? why, revenge. The villainy you teach me I will execute ; and it shall go hard
Page 544 - Bid them be chaste, be innocent like thee ! Bid them in duty's sphere as meekly move ! And if as fair, from vanity as free, As firm in friendship, and as fond in love, Tell them, though 'tis an awful thing to die ! ('Twas e'en to thee), yet the dread path once trod, Heaven lifts its everlasting portals high,
Page 385 - What will ye give me, and 1 will deliver him unto you ? And they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver. Matt. 26,
Page 220 - gone. I, however, observed to Mr. Pendleton that the only chance for his reviving was immediately to get him upon the water. We therefore lifted him up and carried him out of the wood to the margin of the bank, where the bargemen aided us in conveying him into the boat, which immediately put off.
Page 6 - there was a cliff that looked of the color of white green, as though it were either a copper or silver mine ; and I think it to be one of them by the trees that grow upon it ; for they be all burned, and the other places are as green as grass.
Page 177 - In the old copy of the ballad the lines run thus : For Wetharryngton my harte was wo That ever he slayne shulde be, For when both his leggis weare hewyne in to He knyled and fought upon his kne.
Page 183 - This solemn prophecy, of course, Gave all much consolation, Except to Wayne, who lost his horse Upon the great occasion. His horse that carried all his prog, His military speeches, His corn-stalk whiskey for his grog, Blue stockings, and brown breeches. And now IVe clos'd my epic strain, I tremble as I show it, Lest this same warrio-drover, Wayne, Should ever catch the poet.
Page 117 - the presence of the Almighty God, to be loyal and faithful to their High Mightinesses the Lords States-General of the United Netherlands, and his Serene Highness the Prince of Orange, and their governor, already, or hereafter to be, appointed here, and to comport ourselves on all occasions as loyal and faithful subjects are bound to do.
Page 4 - The people of the country came aboard of us, seeming very glad of our coming, and brought green tobacco, and gave us of it for knives and beads. They go in deer-skins loose, well dressed. They have yellow copper. They desire clothes, and are very civil.
Page 449 - have any lawful Let or Impediment, of Pre-Contract, Affinity or Consanguinity, to hinder their being joined in the Holy Bands of Matrimony, a-nd afterwards their living together as Man and Wife ; then this Obligation to be void, or else to stand and remain in full Force and Virtue.

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