A Primary School Dictionary of the English Language: Explanatory, Pronouncing, and Synonymous : with an Appendix Containing Various Useful Tables : Mainly Abridged from the Latest Edition of the American Dictionary of Noah Webster

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Page 353 - Lessons in Botany, AND VEGETABLE PHYSIOLOGY, to which is added a copious Glossary, or Dictionary of Botanical Terms. Fully illustrated. Cloth, 8vo., 236 pages. Price, by mail, $i. 15. Gray's Field, Forest and Garden Botany.
Page vii - The words clef-, if> of, and sol, are exceptions. 2. The letter s, at the end of a monosyllable, and...
Page 262 - When the whole is put for a part, or a part for the whole ; a genus for a species, or a species for a genus...
Page 354 - KERL'S ELEMENTS OF COMPOSTION AND RHETORIC• By SIMON KERL, AM I2mo, cloth. 408 pp. . . .90 A simple, concise, thorough, and practical work on a new plan, designed to occupy an intermediate position between common Grammar and higher Rhetoric, embodying from each what is most useful to the writer.
Page 354 - REPORTER—Full of interesting and valuable Educational information, is published three times a year, bearing date respectively January, May and September, and will be sent to teachers and educationists, without charge, on application. Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co., EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHERS, 138 & 140 GRAND ST., NEW YORK.
Page 335 - Meum et tuum. [L.] Mine and thine. Mirabile dictu. [L.] Wonderful to be told ; — visu, wonderful to be seen.
Page viii - Apparel, bevel, bowel, cancel, carol, cavil, channel, chisel, counsel, cudgel, dishevel, drivel, duel, embowel, enamel, empanel, equal, gambol, gravel, grovel, handsel, hatchel, imperil, jewel, kennel, label, level, libel, marshal, marvel, model, panel, parcel, pencil, peril, pistol, pommel, quarrel, ravel, revel, rival, rowel, shovel, shrivel, snivel, tassel, iwuuud, travel, tunnel, unravel.
Page 353 - A most popular and comprehensive School-book, adapted to beginners and advanced classes. I vol. 8vo, cloth, 622 pages. Price, $2.50. MANUAL OF BOTANY. Arranged according to the natural system, and containing 20 plates, illustrating the Sedges, Grasses, Ferns, &c. Fifth edition, 1867. Second issue, 1868. Cloth, 8vo, 700 pages. Price, $2.25. The Same, bound with

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