Galignani's New Paris Guide for 1855: Revised and Verified by Personal Inspection, and Arranged on an Entirely New Plan

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A. and W. Galignani, 1855 - Paris (France) - 632 pages
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Page 326 - Judgment, in three parts, viz: — 1. the angels sounding the last trump, the tombs opening, and the dead rising; 2. the separation of the righteous from the wicked; 3. the Saviour on his throne, worshipped by the Virgin and St. John the Evangelist, and accompanied by angels bearing emblems of the crucifixion. Among the sculptures of the arch may be remarked figures of Moses and Aaron ; the Saviour treading beneath his feet the wicked, whom Satan is dragging to hell ; the rider on the red horse at...
Page 44 - Assembly passed alaw prohibiting interments within churches, and enjoining all towns and villages to d scontinue the use of their old burial-places, and form others at a distance. During the reign of Terror, men were buried without any ceremony or memorial to mark the spot where they lay.
Page 457 - It consists of two large rooms ; one for the process of dyeing, the other containing presses where the dyed wool is deposited. There is also a school of design ; and an annual course of lectures on chemistry, as applicable to dyeing, is given here from October to January. The closeness with which the painter's art can be here imitated will excite the visitor's astonishment. A catalogue may be had at the lodge for 15 sous.
Page 242 - The portraits, to the number of 90,000, are divided in each country according to the rank or profession of the individuals, and are classed in chronological or alphabetical order. The series of the costumes of various countries and different ages cannot be viewed without interest.
Page 211 - Opposite stands the larger chapel, of the Doric order, in the form of a cross, surmounted by a dome. Within are two statues, of Louis XVI. and Marie Antoinette, each supported by an angel; on the pedestal of the former his will is inscribed in letters of gold on a black marble slab ; on that of the latter are extracts of the queen's last letter to Mme Elisabeth.
Page 517 - Beauce, and is situated on a slope, at the bottom of which runs the Eure, washing the only remaining portion of the old fortifications and two of the city gates, the rest having been pulled down, the ramparts levelled into walks, and the town thrown open.
Page 327 - ... of them have now been replaced. Above will be seen the Galerie de la Vierge, now, as it formerly was, decorated with a colossal statue of the Virgin between two angels holding chandeliers ; right and left are figures of Adam and Eve. Above this gallery is the large rose-window between the towers, and in each of the latter are pointed arches, over which runs a lofty gallery of slender shafts, called the Galerie des Colonnes, and continued round the sides ; above rises the last division of the...
Page 328 - Septentrional, is a statue of the Virgin crushing the dragon. In the tympan above are the Nativity, the Adoration of the Wise Men, the Presentation in the Temple, the Massacre of the Innocents, the Flight into Egypt, and five scenes of the Deliverance of Demoniacs. Above sits a monarch presenting a sealed volume to suppliants kneeling. The Porte Rouge is surmounted by a triangular canopy.
Page 555 - Brunei's gauge being 7, and the narrowest admitted hitherto 3}'.), and the sharpest curves have been purposely introduced to give the system a fair trial. The train describes at each terminus a curve of 82 feet radius; the smallest radius on the line is 98 feet, and the largest 279 feet, results hitherto deemed impossible. The total length of the railway is 6 miles and a half, which are performed in 25 minutes, and might be in to.
Page 219 - Prince of Canino, who occupied it some time. In 1814, Louis Philippe, then Duke of Orleans, returned to it, and, with the exception of the interval of the Hundred Days, resided in it till 18,'U, making additions and improvements, and fitting up the whole anew.

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