What's Wrong with Management

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There is a new spin being put on management. This book, "What's Wrong With Management," is a new idea and learning tool for current and soon to be managers. This book will not preach like a textbook, nor will it be a success story that no one can relate to. What this book is, is a relatable tool that uses real life experiences in order to show the errors and successes in management.This book will not definitively answer the question that it's title proposes. However, it will give the vast assortment of readers a glimpse and means to look at their own situation and groom themselves and others into more productive employees. Too many books are focused on top management, production level employees, or management theory alone, this book is not one of those. This book is not only useful for top management and production level employees, it is also useful for the vast majority of employees left out, the so called 'middle management."

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