The Ainu and Their Folk-lore

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Religious Tract Society, 1901 - Social Science - 603 pages
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Page 486 - and made to sit in a large circle, the old men in front. After this an Ainu is chosen who, having approached the bear, sits down before it and tells it that they are about to send it forth to its ancestors. He prays pardon for what they are about to do, hopes it will not
Page 487 - well of us, and tell them how kind we have been ; please come to us again and we will sacrifice thee.' After the prayer has been said another Ainu goes to the cub's cage and catches the victim's head in a
Page 10 - descendants of the bear.' Such people are very proud, and say, ' As for me, I am a child of the god of the mountains ; I am descended from the divine one who rules in the mountains.
Page 486 - I, so and so, am about to sacrifice the dear little divine thing who resides among the mountains. My friends and masters, come ye to the feast; we will then unite in the great pleasure of sending the god away. Come.
Page 433 - and ascend to thy home in the glorious heavens. When thou arrivest, assemble the deities of thy own kind together and thank them for us for having governed the world. Do thou come again, I beseech thee, and rule over us. O my precious one, go thou quietly.
Page 415 - wine, and cakes ; take them to your parent, and he will be very pleased. When you come to him say, " I have lived a long time among the Ainu, where an Ainu father and an Ainu mother reared me. I now come to thee. I have brought a variety of
Page 233 - part; idleness and failure to keep the hut supplied with fuel and vegetable food ; unfaithfulness ; lack of male issue. A woman might dissolve her connection with her husband for the reason of adultery, dislike to him, idleness, inability to keep the larder supplied with fish and animal food.
Page 432 - O precious divinity, O thou divine bird, pray listen to my words. Thou dost not belong to this world, for thy home is with the Creator and His golden eagles. This being so, I present thee with these inao and cakes and other precious things. Do
Page 482 - prayers are said to them which form a request that they will come again and furnish viands for another feast, as if it were an honour to them to be thus killed and eaten, and a pleasure as well. Indeed, such is the people's idea.
Page 494 - The head of the bear is at last detached from the skin and taken to the nusa heap, where it is placed among the other skulls. A tall pole is here set up having a fork in the top, the prongs of which are ornamented with inao. This pole is called

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