The Wiley Metric Guide

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Wiley, Jan 1, 1976 - Metric system - 168 pages
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absorbed dose acre foot ampere applications Australian Australian Standard avoirdupois base unit Becquerel bricks candela CD CD Celsius centimetre centipoise CM CM CM CO cn CO CO CD CO CM CO cn CO CO CO CO CO Column coulomb cubic centimetre cubic decimetre cubic metre cup is replaced Deadweight Tonnage decimal decimal marker decimalisation diameter digits dimensions electric electrical resistance electromotive force exactly example expressed Fahrenheit farad feet fl oz fluid ounce FORMWORK ft.lbf gram hectare hertz horsepower However hundredweight imperial imperial units inch industry inHg joule joule per mole kcal kelvin kilogram kilogram-force kilojoule kilometre kilometre per hour kilonewtons kilopascal kilowatt kinematic viscosity km/h length litre luminous flux luminous intensity magnetic magnetic flux density mass mbar megahertz megapascal megawatt metre per metre per second Metric Conversion Board metric packaging metric system metric units microhenry micrometre mile millibar milligram millilitre millimetres multiples Named nautical mile newton newton metre newton N Pa.s packed para pascal pascal second per metre per second per square metre Physical Quantity physicist prefix pressure quantity radian Recommended sizes Repco Reverse Factor revolution per minute rigid container rounded Scale Ratios short ton SI base unit SI derived unit SI SUPPLEMENTARY UNITS SI unit Siemens solid angle solidus speedometer square centimetre square kilometre square metre Standard gravity standardised steradian TABLE teaspoon temperature thermodynamic temperature tonnage tonne unit symbol units of measurement volt volume weber Wb Weights and Measures X X X y y y

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