The earthquake catalogue of the British Association: with the discussion, curves and maps, etc

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Printed by Taylor and Francis, 1858 - Nature - 674 pages
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Page 137 - London, 1750. Serious Thoughts on the Earthquake at Lisbon. 8vo. London, 1755. Reflections, Physical and Moral, upon the uncommon Phenomena which have happened from the Earthquake at Lima to the present time. 8vo. London, 1756. A short and pithie Discourse concerning the engendering, tokens, and effects of all Earthquakes in generall. By TT 4to. London, 1580. (Black letter.) A
Page 138 - the 28 October, 1746; with a description of Callao and Lima before their destruction, and the Kingdom of Peru in general. 8vo. London, 1748. (Erased in Catal.) Dreadful News, or a true Relation of the great, violent, and late Earthquake, which happened the 27 March Stilo Romano last, at Callabria in the Kingdom of Naples. London,
Page 57 - 9 10 170 194 TABLE XX.—Résumé of the Earthquakes of Europe, and of the adjacent parts of Asia and of Africa, from AD 306 to 1843. Autumn and winter still preponderate thus for entire Europe. As regards the " critical periods" of the year, the results are— For XIX. Century.
Page 128 - base-planks being Jixed, level, and solid, the floor is to be levelled up to their upper surfaces with dry sand, and the two sets of cylinders adjusted to their places, one set running in an east and west, and the other in a north and south direction, so that in whatever direction the horizontal component of
Page 97 - and more commonly the volcano the cause of the earthquake, neither view being the expression of the truth of nature. They are not in the relation to each other of cause and effect, but are both unequal manifestations of a common force under different conditions. Further north we have the somewhat less terrible, but yet deeplycolouredseismic
Page 139 - Presbyterian minister.) A short and pithie Discourse concerning the Engendring, Tokens, and Effects of all Earthquakes in general ; particularly applied and conferred with that most strange and terrible Worke of the Lord within the citie of London, &c.,
Page 40 - Locality. Presumed focus, lat. 43°, long 11" W Ship at sea, in lat. 43°, not many leagues from coast of Ship in lat. 44°, and about 80 Ship lat. 44" 8', and 80 leagues WNW of Cape Cork Moment observed of shock. hm 11 51 11 52 11 54 11 51 11 58 noon 12 6 12 11
Page 128 - inches in thickness, and in width equal to the diameter of the largest cylinder, and its length such that the set of cylinders, when plaeed upright and equidistant thereon, shall have a space greater than the altitude between each. Thus, if the cylinder of largest diameter have
Page 97 - an uncompleted effort to establish a volcano. The forces of explosion and impulse are the same in both ; they differ only in degree of energy, or in the varying sorts and degrees of resistance opposed to them. There is more than a mere vaguely admitted connexion between them, as heretofore
Page 127 - and diffused. Meanwhile a still simpler form of rough seismometer, suited to the resources of distant and isolated observers, may be with advantage, perhaps, pointed out,—and also an indirect method, by which the depth of earthquake origin may be approximated, without the use of seismometers of any sort. The form of seismometer about

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