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1898 - Canada
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Page 49 - the liability of the United States in respect to claims on account of injuries sustained by persons in whose behalf Great Britain is entitled to claim compensation under the provisions of the treaty between Great Britain and the United States, signed February 29th, 1892, concerning the jurisdictional right of the United States in the waters of
Page 51 - those colonies and possessions the produce of the states of the Zollverein shall not be subject to any higher or other import duties than the produce of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, or of any other country of the like kind, nor shall the exportation from those colonies or possessions to the Zollverein be
Page 18 - Municipal institutions are general. In the complete form as adopted by Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia and other provinces, the whole municipal organization comprises (a.) The townships, being rural districts of an area of eight or ten square miles ; (b.) Villages with a population over 750 ; (c.) Towns with a population of over 2.000. Such of Year. 1887 . 1891 1895
Page 6 - The loyalists were well treated by the British Government, and large grants of lands were made to them in various parts of the country. The banks of the St. Lawrence and the shores of Lake Ontario, in particular, were settled by about 10,000 persons, on lands allotted to them by the Government. 1786. First vessel on
Page 51 - continues to enjoy most favoured nation treatment in Portugal.) 1859. Russia.—Reciprocal most-favoured nation stipulations, except Sweden and Norway. Applicable to British dominions. Terminable one year after notice. 1851. Sandwich Islands.—Reciprocal most-favoured nation stipulations, with the following proviso :—"Gratuitously if the concession in favour of the other state shall have been gratuitous, or in return for a compensation as nearly as possible of proportionate value and effect,
Page 501 - Education of New Brunswick consists of the Lieutenant-Governor, the members of the Executive Council, the President of the University of New Brunswick, and the Chief Superintendent of Education. An Arbor Day, on the same principle as that in Ontario, was held on i8th May, 1897, when 3,150 trees and shrubs were planted, and 559 flower beds laid out. NEW BRUNSWICK EDUCATIONAL STATISTICS, 1877-97.
Page 1 - by occupation and by the Treaties of Utrecht (1713), of Paris ('1763). and of Versailles (1783), all the country comprised in the Dominion of Canada became part of the British Empire. The Dominion of Canada is about 3,500 miles from east to west and 1,400 miles from north to south.
Page 61 - Any lands sought to be acquired by the Provincial Government under the last clause shall be set apart from alienation by the Dominion, upon the Provincial Government making a written application for the same. Such lands to be surveyed (if not already done) by a Dominion Land surveyor, at the expense of the Provincial Government.
Page 59 - Territories are given below. Under the Dominion Lands Regulations, all surveyed even-numbered sections (excepting 8 and 26) in Manitoba and the North-west Territories, which have not been homesteaded, reserved to provide wood lots for settlers, or otherwise disposed of or reserved, are to be held exclusively for homesteads. i. Homestead Entry for one
Page 59 - to purchase his homestead at the Government price at the time of entry, on furnishing proof that he has resided on the land for at least twelve months from the date of his perfecting his homestead entry, and that he has brought at least thirty acres thereof under cultivation.

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