A System of medicine, by many writers v. 1, 1905/11, Volume 1

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Macmillan, 1905
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Page 29 - You cannot imagine how far a little observation carefully made by a man not tied up to the four humours, or sal, sulphur and mercury, or to acid and alcali wHich has of late prevailed, will carry a man in the curing of diseases though very stubborn and dangerous ; and that with very little and common things and almost no medicine at all.
Page 331 - Door, typical of the style in vogue in the latter part of the eighteenth and early part of the nineteenth centuries.
Page 286 - That finely divided tuberculous matter, such as pure cultures of the bacillus, or tuberculous matter derived from sputum, in daylight and in free currents of air is rapidly deprived of virulence; (2) That even in the dark, although the action is retarded, fresh air has still some disinfecting influence ; and (3) That in the absence of air, or in confined air, the bacillus retains its power for long periods of time.
Page 164 - As a rule, people are now fully alive to the risks they run from poisoning by sewer gas, or, to put it more widely, from poisoning by products of decomposition outside the body; but perhaps we do not all of us keep so clearly before us as we ought the fact that inside the body there are all the conditions for the formation of putrefactive products, and the most favourable arrangement for their rapid absorption.
Page 651 - This definition includes too much. The haemorrhage that occurs in the liver when it is injured, and the changes that there occur in the extravasated red corpuscles, are scarcely to be classed among inflammatory phenomena ; the atrophic changes which occur in the retina, when through injury it becomes detached, are due mainly to malposition and disuse rather than to the primary trauma.
Page 717 - These results have been confirmed by Roger who, taking a rabbit and dividing the sympathetic on one side, and then inoculating both ears with like quantities of a culture of the streptococcus of erysipelas, found that the erysipelatous process manifested itself much more promptly upon the paralysed side, and came to an end at an earlier date. The reverse was the case when the auriculars of the one side had been divided: here the process was of slower development than on the intact side, and of slower...
Page 747 - I am led to define inflammation as the series of changes constituting the local manifestation of the attempt at repair of actual or referred injury to a part, or, briefly, as the local attempt at repair of actual or referred injury.
Page 663 - That bacterial products injected into the circulation lead to the rapid production of the febrile state rests on ample evidence ; but whether these act directly by inducing increased cellular activity, or indirectly by stimulating the cerebral centres, we cannot absolutely say. As yet we have little accurate knowledge of the part played by the nervous system in the development of the febrile state. This, however, may safely be declared, that the more we study the continued fevers the more do we discover...
Page 159 - Against any such assumption two facts have been considered : first, that even healthy children, in proportion to their respective bodily weights, are about twice as powerful as adults in deteriorating the air which they breathe ; secondly, that the children will almost invariably have certain eruptive and other febrile disorders to pass through, from which adult life is comparatively exempt, and in which the requirement of space is greatly increased. And having regard to these...
Page 26 - The first is the discontinuance of the ancient and serious diligence of Hippocrates, which used to set down a narrative of the special cases of his patients, and how they proceeded, and how they were judged by recovery or death.

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