Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobism, Volume 4

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translator, 1798 - France
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Thomas Jefferson called Barruel's book "the ravings of a Bedlamite".

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Volume 4. Superior to Robison's expose in every way. Barruel was fluent in German (whereas Robison didn't even know any) as well as Latin. His translations of the Original Writings of the Illuminati are more authoritative, complete and numerous than Robison.

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Page 23 - ... had correfponded with London: " It is certainly (they fay) *' the beft way of managing large bodies, as in great and ** populous towns ; viz. dividing them into fmall bodies " or meetings of ten perfons each, and thofe ten to ap
Page 603 - I do further declare that neither hopes, fears, rewards or punishments, shall ever induce me directly or indirectly, to inform on, or give evidence against any member or members of this or similar societies, for any act or expression of theirs, done or made collectively or individually, in or out of this society, in pursuance of the spirit of this obligation.
Page 34 - Tate is to advance rapidly in the dark, on that side of Bristol which may be to windward, and immediately to set fire to that quarter. If the enterprize be conducted with dexterity, it cannot fail to produce the total ruin of the town, the port, the docks, and the vessels, and to strike terror and amazement into the very heart of the capital of England.
Page 24 - England whole towns are re" formers; Sheffield a-nd its environs have 50,000. — " In Norwich there are 30 focieties in one. — If we could " get a convention of England and Scotland called, we " might reprefent fix or [even hundred thoufand males, " which is a majority of all the adults in the kingdom; " and miniftry would not dare to refufe us our rights.
Page 6 - Let the indignation of man be raised against the impious wretch who profanely assumes the title of reigning by the grace of God, and impudently tells the world he can do no wrong.
Page 603 - Iriflimen of every religious perfuafion ; and that I will alfo perfevere in my endeavours to obtain an equal, full, and adequate reprefentation of all the people of Ireland.
Page 417 - ... weeks in France, three of which you have been confined to your chamber? True: but in the...
Page 417 - I have been extremely visited, and have had long and explicit conversations with many, who think as I tell you, and with a few of the other side, who are no less persuaded that there are such intentions.
Page 33 - United as we are, we now only wait with impatience to see the hero of Italy, and the brave veterans of the great nation. Myriads will hail their arrival with shouts of joy ; they will soon finish the glorious campaign...
Page 23 - and united in the same cause, which cannot fail " of being the case, wherever the most excellent works ". of Mr. Thomas Paine find residence.

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