The Acting Edition of Mr. Pim Passes by: A Comedy in Three Acts

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S. French, 1921 - 67 pages
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Page 20 - I've said all I want to say about that. [He goes away from her. OLIVIA. Oh, but there must be lots you want to say — and perhaps don't like to. Do tell me, darling. GEORGE. What it comes to is this. I consider that Dinah is too young to choose a husband for herself, and that Strange isn't the husband I should choose for her. OLIVIA. You were calling him Brian yesterday. GEORGE. Yesterday I regarded him as a boy, now he wants me to look upon him as a man. OLIVIA. He's twenty-four. GEORGE. And Dinah's...
Page 27 - I'm afraid, Mrs. Marden, who had been in prison for some kind of fraudulent company-promoting and had taken to drink and — and so on. OLIVIA. Yes, yes, I understand. PIM. Drinking himself to death I should have said. I gave him at the most another year to live. Yet to my amazement the first person I saw as I stepped on board the boat that brought me to England last week was this fellow. There was no mistaking him. I spoke to him, in fact; we recognized each other. OLIVIA. Really ? PIM. He was...
Page 33 - Pim must, of course. GEORGE. I do not propose to discuss my private affairs with Mr. Pim OLIVIA. But he's mixed himself up in them rather, hasn't he, and if you're going to ask him questions GEORGE. I only propose to ask him one question. I shall ask him if he is absolutely certain of the man's name. I can do that quite easily without letting him know the reason for my inquiry. OLIVIA.
Page 39 - LADY MARDEN (to OLIVIA). Didn't you see him die? I should always want to see my husband die before I married again. Not that I approve of second marriages, anyhow. I told you so at the time, George. OLIVIA. And me, Aunt Julia. LADY MARDEN. Did I? Well, I generally say what I think.
Page 17 - Really, sir, I don't see what my politics and my art have got to do with it. I'm perfectly ready not to talk about either when I'm in your house, and as Dinah doesn't seem to object to them DINAH. I should think she doesn't. GEORGE. Oh, you can get round the women, I daresay. BRIAN. Well, it's Dinah I want to marry and live with. So what it really comes to is that you don't think I can support a wife. GEORGE. Well, if you're going to do it by selling pictures, I don't think you can. BRIAN. All right,...
Page 42 - I are going to marry each other, and when we are married well stick to each other, however many of our dead husbands and wives turn up! (She goes out indignantly, followed by BRIAN.) GEORGE. Upon my word, this is a pleasant discussion. OLIVIA. I think the discussion is over, George. It is only a question of where I shall go, while you are bringing your— what sort of suit did you call it?
Page 33 - Telworthy. (GEORGE goes back despondently to his seat.) GEORGE. Well, what are we going to do ? OLIVIA. You sent Mr. Pim away so quickly. He might have told us things. Telworthy's plans. Where he is now. You hurried him away so quickly. GEORGE. I've sent a note round to ask him to come back. My one idea at the moment was to get him out of the house — to hush things up. OLIVIA. You can't hush up two husbands. GEORGE (in despair).
Page 36 - County—I mean what Heaven really thought about it. GEORGE. Yes, yes. Aunt Julia has plenty of common sense. You're quite right, Olivia. This isn'ta thing we can keep from the family. OLIVIA. Do I still call her Aunt Julia ? GEORGE (looking up from his pacings). What ? What ? (ANNE comes in.) Well, what is it ? ANNE.
Page 42 - ... Upon my word, this is a pleasant discussion. OLIVIA. I think the discussion is over, George. It is only a question of where I shall go, while you are bringing your — what sort of suit did you call it? LADY HARDEN [to GEORGE].
Page 19 - We'll talk about Dinah's affairs directly. We're discussing our own affairs at the moment. OLIVIA. But what is there to discuss? GEORGE. Those ridiculous things. OLIVIA. But we've finished that. You've said you wouldn't have them hanging in your house, and I've said, "Very well, George.

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