FAILING AT FAIRNESS: How America's Schools Cheat Girls

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A telling investigation by the Sadkers (Education/American University) of why girls metamorphose from intellectually eager first-graders into socially compliant high-school and college students who score 60 points below their male peers on SATs and achievement tests. As a result of usually—but not always—unconscious gender bias, it seems that neither girls nor boys receive their educational due ... Read full review

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I reread this book after several years, and I have to admit it is even more biased now than it was then. The premise is not proven to any real degree beyond a few anecdotes at best. The "data" used to "prove" it's assertions is specious at best and spurious at worst. The book is steeped in the largely discredited assertions of the A.A.U.W which was still heavily pushing for school "reforms" at this time. In all honesty if you want to know how schools are working against girls one should ask the A.A.U.W and those whose work was either directly used or clearly had influence on the Sadker's work; just as one should ask the Black Panthers how the schools short change African Americans.. In other words they are who you ask if you want a biased answer. Now, in all fairness one could argue that given the 16 year time difference any discrepany in the book could be excused because the circumstances have changed. This however is false, because frankly as was said the assertions in this book were false then and frankly are laughable now. It was works like this that led to "reforms" that have seen boys performance in U.S public schools stagnate and then decline to a horrid degree whilst simultaneously seeing very little if any gains in girl's performance beyond increasing college attendance (with a corresponding and greater decrease in boy's attendance).
I urge anyone who finds themselves becoming invested in what this book to look elsewhere for information.

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Claiming that women's education is not on par with men's is not taking into consideration that our Universities happen to be stocked with a majority of what/who else? WOMEN. Enough said.

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