Observations on the origin and nature of comets, their influence and use, and on the variations of the magnetic needle

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Page 27 - These are Thy glorious works, Parent of good, Almighty, thine this universal frame, Thus wondrous fair ; Thyself how wondrous then ! Unspeakable, who sitt'st above these heavens, To us invisible, or dimly seen In these they lowest works ; yet these declare Thy goodness beyond thought, and power divine.
Page 30 - ... two of them near each pole of the equator : and that in those parts of the world, which lie near any of those magnetical poles, the needle is chiefly governed thereby, the nearest pole being always predominant over the more remote.
Page 10 - God is hid from us in the majesty of His nature, and the little we discover of Him must be discovered by the light that is reflected from His works. Out of this light, therefore, we should never go in our inquiries and reasonings about His nature, His attributes, and the order of His providence. And yet upon these subjects men depart the furthest from...
Page 12 - ... influence. Were this power, therefore, left uncontrolled by any other, the sun must quickly have attracted all the bodies of our celestial system to itself ; but it is equally counteracted by another power of equal efficacy ; namely, a progressive force which each planet received when it was impelled forward by the divine Architect upon its first formation.
Page 31 - Sea ; the other he places in the meridian palling through California, about fifteen degrees from the north pole of the •world, which governs the needle in North America, and the oceans on either fide : and in the fame manner he accounts for the variation in the fouthefn hemifphere.

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