Wonders of life

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Page 503 - FORM B. MEMORANDUM and ARTICLES of ASSOCIATION of a Company limited by Guarantee, and not having a Capital divided into Shares. Memorandum of Association, 1st. The Name of the Company is " The Mutual London Marine Association,
Page 63 - Pilate, and was buried ; and, the third day, rose again from the dead, ascended into heaven, sitteth on the right hand of the Father; whence he shall come to judge the quick and the dead ; and in the Holy Ghost ; the Holy Church ; the remission of sins ; and the resurrection of the flesh.
Page 62 - Dost thou believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth ? " The sponsors answer:
Page 503 - Rationalism may be defined as the mental attitude which unreservedly accepts the supremacy of reason, and aims at establishing a system of philosophy and ethics verifiable by experience and independent of all arbitrary assumptions or authority.
Page 361 - nothing is clearer than the possibility of the formation of cyanic compounds when the earth was entirely or partially in a state of incandescence or great heat. We see how extraordinarily all the facts of chemistry point to fire as the force that has produced the constituents of albumin by synthesis. Hence life was born from fire, and the chief conditions of its appearance are associated with a time when the earth was a glowing ball of fire. When we remember the incalculably long period in which...
Page 66 - ... the belief in the immortality of the human soul is a dogma which is in hopeless contradiction with the most solid empirical truths of modern science.
Page 310 - This faculty of vision begins with the formation of a small convergent lens, a bi-convex refracting body at a certain spot on the surface. Dark pigment cells, which surround it absorb the light rays. From this first phylogenetic form of the organ of vision up to the elaborate human eye, there is a long scale of evolutionary stages — not less extensive and remarkable than the historical succession of artificial optical instruments from the simple lens to the complicated modern telescope or microscope....
Page 465 - The Wonders of Life," lays down the doctrine of a Monism composed of a "trinity of Substance," He formulates it in the following three propositions: "(i) No matter without force and without sensation; (2) No force without matter and without sensation ; (3) No sensation without matter and without force.
Page 85 - But we must remember that while " there is no such thing as an immaterial soul," a " soul " in the atom " must necessarily be assumed to explain the simplest physical and chemical processes." It seems to us six of one and half a dozen of the other whether we recognise the soul at the top or at the bottom. In Aristotelian language, there is nothing in the end which was not also in the beginning ; in plain English, we put into the beginning what we know to be in the end. In fact, when we...
Page xiii - Riviera, when he was stimulated by the constant sight of the blue Mediterranean, the countless inhabitants of which had, for fifty years, afforded such ample material for my biological studies ; and my solitary walks in the wild gorges of the Ligurian Apennines and the moving spectacle of its forest-crowned altars, inspired me with a feeling of the unity of living nature — a feeling that only too easily fades away in the study of detail in the laboratory.

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