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Page 29 - Vive, vale. Si quid novisti rectius istis Candidus imperti ; si non his utere mecum.
Page 147 - I seldom saw or heard anything of them, or of him through them, so that all the old school-boy intimacy had died out, and I had nearly forgotten his existence. I had taken, as I have said, a warm bath ; and while lying in it, and enjoying the comfort of the heat after the late freezing I had undergone, I turned my head round...
Page 147 - How I got out of the bath I know not, but on recovering my senses I found myself sprawling on the floor.
Page 176 - But this was too near the truth to be admitted, and so we took our present grave motto from Publius Syrus, of whom none of us had, I am sure, ever read a single line; and so began what has since turned out to be a very important and able journal.
Page 180 - I at first entered warmly into Smith's scheme. Jeffrey, by nature always rather timid, was full of doubts and fears. It required all Smith's overpowering vivacity to argue and laugh Jeffrey out of his difficulties. There would, he said, be no lack of contributors. There was himself, ready to write any number of articles and to edit the whole; there was Jeffrey, facile princeps in all kinds of literature; there was myself, full of mathematics, and everything relating to colonies; there was Horner...
Page 375 - These swords are accompanied with an injunction not to unsheath them for the purpose of shedding blood, except it be for self-defence, or in defence of their country and its rights ; and in the latter case, to keep them unsheathed, and prefer falling with them in their hands to the relinquishment thereof.
Page 146 - I will not say of ghosts walking, but of the dead appearing to the living, were subjects of much speculation ; and we actually committed the folly of drawing up an agreement, written with our blood, to the effect that whichever of us died the first should appear to the other, and thus solve any doubts we had entertained of the
Page 147 - ... my eyes was a dream, I cannot for a moment doubt, yet for years I had had no communication with G , nor had there been anything to recall him to my recollection ; nothing had taken place during our Swedish travels either connected with G or with India, or with anything relating to him or to any member of his family. I recollected quickly enough our old discussion, and the bargain we had made. I could not discharge from my mind the impression that G must have died, and that his appearance to me...
Page 60 - I in tnose days enjoyed of being present while the first philosopher of his age was the historian of his own discoveries, and be an eye-witness of those experiments by which he had formerly made them, once more performed with his own hands.
Page 20 - Remarkable for beauty, but far more for a masculine intellect and clear understanding, she instilled into me from my cradle the strongest desire for information, and the first principles of that persevering energy in the pursuit of every kind of knowledge which, more than any natural talents I may possess, has enabled me to stick to, and to accomplish, how far successfully it is not for me to say, every task I ever undertook.

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