The Newer Spiritualism

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Holt, 1911 - Parapsychology - 320 pages
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Page 67 - I was sitting with Mr. Home and Lord Adare, and a cousin of his. During the sitting, Mr. Home went into a trance, and in that state was carried out of the window in the room next to where we were, and was brought in at our window. The distance between the windows was about seven feet six inches, and there was not the slightest foothold between them, nor was there more than a twelve-inch projection to each window, which served as a ledge to put flowers on. " We heard the window in the next room lifted...
Page 67 - ... window, which served as a ledge to put flowers on. ' We heard the window in the next room lifted up, and almost immediately after we saw Home floating in the air outside our window. ' The moon was shining full into the room ; my back was to the light, and I saw the shadow on the wall of the window-sill, and Home's feet about six inches above it. He remained in this position for a few seconds, then raised the window and glided into the room, feet foremost, and sat down.
Page 80 - Home again went to the fire, and after stirring the hot coal about with his hand, took out a red-hot piece nearly as big as an orange, and putting it on his right hand, covered it over with his left hand, so as to almost completely enclose it, and then blew into the small furnace thus extemporised until the lump of charcoal was nearly white-hot, and then drew my attention to the lambent flame which was flickering over the coal and licking round his fingers...
Page 174 - Several statements were read by me and assented to by Mr. Howard, and then was written 'private/ and the hand gently pushed me away. I retired to the other side of the room, and Mr. Howard took my place close to the hand, where he could read the writing. He did not, of course, read it aloud, and it was too private for my perusal. The hand, as it reached the end of each sheet, tore it off from the block book, and thrust it wildly at Mr.
Page 74 - I saw Mr. Home, in a trance, elongated eleven inches. I measured him standing up against the wall, and marked the place; not being satisfied with that, I put him in the middle of the room, and placed a candle in front of him, so as to throw a shadow on the wall, which I also marked. When he awoke I measured him again in his natural size, both directly and by the shadow, and the results were equal. I can swear that he was not off the ground or standing on tiptoe, as I had full view of his feet, and...
Page 62 - I went and sat beside him ; he took my hands ; and in about a minute, and without any muscular action, he gently floated away from me, and was lost in the darkness. He kept talking, to let us know where he was. We heard his voice in various parts of the further end of the room, as if near the ceiling. He then cried out, ' Oh ! they have brought me a cushion to sit upon — I am sitting on it — they are taking it away.
Page 63 - I saw his hands disappear from the table, and his head vanish into the deep shadow beyond. In a moment or two more he spoke again. This time his voice was in the air above our heads. He had risen from his chair to a height of four or five feet from the ground. As he ascended higher, he described his position, which at first was perpendicular, and afterwards became horizontal. He said he felt as if he had been turned in the gentlest manner, as a child is turned in the arms of a nurse.
Page 11 - Our habitual or empirical consciousness may consist of a mere selection from a multitude of thoughts and sensations, of which some at least are equally conscious with those that we empirically know. I accord no primacy to my ordinary waking self, except that among my potential selves this one has shown itself the fittest to meet the needs of common life.
Page 75 - Home, they are usually close together. There was no separation of the vertebrae of the spine; nor were the elongations at all like those resulting from expanding the chest with air; the shoulders did not move. Home looked as if he was pulled up by the neck; the muscles seemed in a state of tension. He stood firmly in the middle of the room, and, before the elongation commenced, I placed my foot on his instep. I will swear he never moved his heels from the ground.
Page 46 - After a few preliminary raps somebody exclaimed that the 'spirit-hand' had appeared, and the next moment an object resembling a child's hand, with a long, wide sleeve attached to it, appeared before the light. This occurred several times. The object appeared mainly at one or other of two separate distances from the medium. One of these distances was just that of his foot, the other that of his outstretched hand; and when the object receded or approached, I noticed that the medium's body or shoulder...

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