Selections from Latin Classic Authors: Pha︠e︡drus, Justin, Nepos

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Lee and Shepard, 1873

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Page 38 - Uvam appetebat, summis saliens viribus ; Quam tangere ut non potuit, discedens ait, " Nondum matura est ; nolo acerbam sumere.
Page 5 - Egypt, but chiefly resided at the court of Croesus king of Lydia, by whom he was sent to consult the oracle of Delphi. In this commission...
Page 19 - Id esse verum parva haec fabella indicat: — Asellum in prato timidus pascebat senex. Is hostium clamore subito territus 5 Suadebat asino fugere, ne possent capi. At ille lentus : ' Quaeso, num binas mihi Clitellas impositurum victorem putas ? ' Senex negavit. ' Ergo quid refert mea, Cui serviam, clitellas dum portem meas ?
Page 5 - Aesopus auctor quam materiam repperit, hanc ego polivi versibus senariis. duplex libelli dos est : quod risum movet, et quod prudenti vitam consilio monet.
Page 38 - Fame coacta vulpes alta in vinea uvam appetebat, summis saliens viribus : quam tangere ut non potuit, discedens ait : nondum matura est, nolo acerbam sumere.
Page 65 - ... negation of what might have been expected), the second non in the first clause is omitted if both sentences have the same verb, and if the verb is contained in the second clause ; but if each clause has its own verb, or if the verb, though common to both, is expressed in the first part, non modo non is used complete ; Zumpt, § 724 ; Krüger, § 541-2.
Page 13 - Personam tragicam forte vulpes viderat : ' O quanta species ' inquit ' cerebrum non habet ! ' Hoc illis dictum est quibus honorem et gloriam Fortuna tribuit, sensum communem abstulit.
Page 2 - Phsedrus, a writer scarcely prized enough, because he is an early school-book, has a perfection of elegant beauty which very few have rivalled. No word is out of its place, none is redundant, or could be changed for a better; his perspicuity and ease make every thing appear unpremeditated, yet every thing is wrought by consummate art.
Page 100 - Itaque cum nullo hostium unquam congressus est, quem non vicerit; nullam urbem obsedit, quam non expugnaverit ; nullam gentem adiit, quam non calcaverit. Victus denique ad postremum est , non virtute hostili, sed insidiis suorum, et fraude civili.

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