Sociology: Introductory Readings

Front Cover
Anthony Giddens, Philip W. Sutton
Polity, 2010 - Social Science - 347 pages
1 Review
Introduction - The Sociological Perspective
1 Private Troubles, Public Issues C. Wright-Mills
2 The Scope of Sociology Anthony Giddens
3 What is Sociology For? Richard Jenkins
Further Reading
Part 1 Theories of Society
4 Human History as Class Conflict Karl Marx
5 From Mechanical to Organic Solidarity Emile Durkheim
6 Structuring Patriarchal Societies Sylvia Walby
7 Intimations of Postmodernity Zygmunt Bauman
8 Riding the Juggernaut of Modernity Anthony Giddens
Further Reading
Part 2 Research Methods
9 Quantitative versus Qualitative Methods? Alan Bryman
10 What is a Social Survey? Alan Buckingham and Peter Saunders
11 Researching Individual Lives Barbara Merrill and Linden West
12 Sociology’s Historical Imagination Philip Abrams
13 Participant Observation / Observant Participation Loïc Wacquant
Further Reading
Part 3 Natural and Urban Environments
14 Individuality in the Modern City Georg Simmel
15 Creating Humane Cities Richard Sennett
16 The Global City Saskia Sassen
17 A New Ecological Paradigm for Sociology Riley E. Dunlap
18 A Politics for Global Warming Anthony Giddens
Further Reading
Part 4 Institutions and Organizations
19 The Spirit of Capitalism Max Weber
20 The Essence of Religion Emile Durkheim
21 Families in Global Perspective Göran Therborn
22 The Hidden Curriculum - A Teacher’s View John Taylor Gatto
23 Work in the Next Industrial Revolution Alan S. Blinder
Further Reading
Part 5 Social Inequalities
24 What is Social Stratification? Wendy Bottero
25 Woman - The Second Sex? Simone De Beauvoir
26 Intersecting Inequalities Patricia Hill Collins
27 The Rise, Fall and Rise of Social Class Rosemary Crompton
28 The Social Model of Disability Colin Barnes and Geof Mercer and Tom Shakespeare
Further Reading
Part 6 Relationships and the Life-course
29 Life Cycle or Life Course? Stephen Hunt
30 Social Constructions of Sexuality Jeffrey Weeks
31 The Normal Chaos of Love Ulrich Beck and Elisabeth Beck-Gernsheim
32 Ageing and Ageism Bill Bytheway
33 The Loneliness of the Dying Norbert Elias
Further Reading
Part 7 Interaction and Communication
34 Presenting the Self in Social Life Erving Goffman
35 Throwing Like a Girl Iris Marion Young
36 Hollywood’s Misrepresentation of Arabs Jack G. Shaheen
37 The Internet Galaxy James Slevin
38 Building Virtual Communities Howard Rheingold
Further Reading
Part 8 Health and the Body
39 Defending Parsons’ Sick Role Bryan S. Turner
40 What Makes Women Sick? Lesley Doyal
41 The Experience of Illness and Recovery Mike Bury
42 The Problem with Medicine Ivan Illich
43 Sociology and the Body Chris Shilling
Further Reading
Part 9 Crime and Deviance
44 The Normality of Deviance Emile Durkheim
45 Crime as a Deviant Adaptation Robert Merton
46 The Birth of the Prison Michel Foucault
47 Principles of Restorative Justice John Braithwaite
48 How Serious are ‘Cybercrimes’? David S. Wall
Further Reading
Part 10 Political Sociology
49 Defining Power Steven Lukes
50 New Wars in a Global Age Mary Kaldor
51 The Social Movement Society? David S. Meyer and Sidney Tarrow
52 The New Terrorism Walter Laqueur
53 Cosmopolitan Democracy Daniele Archibugi
Further Reading

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Introduction The Sociological Perspective
1 Private Troubles Public Issues
2 The Scope of Sociology
3 What is Sociology For?
Further Reading
Theories of Society
Research Methods
Natural and Urban Environments
Social Inequalities
Relationships and the LifeCourse
Interaction and Communication
Health and the Body
Crime and Deviance
Political Sociology

Institutions and Organizations

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About the author (2010)

Anthony Giddens is former director of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Philip W. Sutton is formerly of the University of Leeds and Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

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