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This book Enrique's Journey demonstrates a powerful story; one that many people don't know, or even comprehend. This story demonstrates the courage of a boy that exceeds one of any adult. His determination is unbelievable, even at a young age. This book really touches your heart because you might think that Enrique's mother is horrible, but in reality this happens a lot, and most of the time it is for the best. When I read this book i was hooked on it because eleven year old boys don't leave their native country to another because they are too young, but Enrique showed that when you have determination you can do whatever you want. A boy at this young age doing what Enrique did often meet the different sides of the world. He see's what is really happening in the real world, people getting killed, people dying, thugs, corrupt cops, bandits, and more. These are the books that open people's eyes because they finally get to see what people have to go through to get to accomplish their dream. This book showed "La Bestia" a massive train that people use to get to there final destination, but there is also other methods people use to get to where they want to you. After all, Enrique's Journey shows an amazing characteristic people need to obtain, determination because not all of us in the world have such an amazing character that can define us, or even make us come out of the crowd. 

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This is the best book I read in a long while
It is berthtaking it's just that good

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It cut out a lot of the pages that you obviously need to understand the book.
Pages 9-157 were not there so you are unable to read chapter one to probably chapter 5.
I do not recommend this site if
you need to read the book, it is quite horrific.
I wouldn't know since I wasn't able to read most of the book due to this, but as far as I could get, the book was fine.

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I really love this book. Its about this little boy name Enrique who lives in Honduras with his grandma but not with his mother. He wants to go to the United State to be with his mom. He haven't seen her in like 6 years. Her mom Left him and his sister because she need to get money for her kids. The only place she could of go is to U.S. This book is very emotional and its sad but I recommend this to anybody who like reading journey about other people or if they like to learn how some immagrant came to the U.S. This book is for you then. 

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