Genealogical and biographical sketches of the Hildreth family: from the year 1652 down to the year 1840

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Page 3 - on the river Merrimack at a necke of land next to Concord River, near to Pawtucket," it being "a very comfortable place to accommodate a company of God's people upon...
Page 219 - The rapids above will furnish an immense amount of water power without much injuring the grandeur of the falls; but I expect the time will come when the plodding Yankee will get possession here and divert the whole of the stream for the purpose of manufactures, and spoil the beauty of these grandest of all grand water falls, as they have diverted and ruined the falls of my own dear little native Spickett, in Methuen.
Page 36 - They were the parents of eight children, four sons and four daughters: Daniel, Parker, Alpheus and John Ladd; Elizabeth, Abagail, Ruth and Lydia.
Page 3 - America, but probably as early as the year 1650, for his name is found among a company of petitioners, twenty in number, from the towns of Concord and Woburn, applying to the general court, in the year 1652, "for a tract of land lying on the west of Concord or Musketaquid river," where the petititioners say they "do find a very comfortable place to accommodate a company of God's people upon.
Page 206 - I commenced building a new dwelling house. It was of brick and three stories. I was led to this from the need of more room for my enlarged family, now amounting to five children, and from the numerous debts due to me from mechanics. It was completed in the year 1 825.
Page 111 - It lay on the bank of the river, about half a mile from the entrance to the grounds of the Dalai Lama's country Palace, known as ' The Jewel Park
Page 189 - He was for thirty years a member of the common council, and many years a judge of the court of common pleas. At the time of his death he was the oldest attorney and counselor on the roll of the Supreme court.
Page 295 - In 1 804 his widow went to Ohio, on horseback, in company with his brother, Joseph Cook, who was there on a visit to the family. She purchased a farm in Belpre of Col. Israel Putnam and did not return. In the fall of that year she sent for her children and they came out in November and December with Bennet Cook.
Page 11 - He lived to a good old age, and died about the year 1 798, attaining to about 75 years.
Page 295 - The principal reason for this removal was the opportunity there afforded for educating his children, as an academy recently opened in that place. He was a man of strong intellect and refined views of what was right and proper in the culture of children and his intercourse with his fellow men.

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