Hegel's Lectures on the History of Philosophy, Volume 2

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Routledge & K. Paul, 1955 - Philosophy
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A The Philosophy of Plato
B The Philosophy of Aristotle

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absolute absolute substance abstract according acroamatic activity Alexandrian School AMMONIUS SACCAS Anaxagoras appears Arcesilaus Aristotelian Aristotelian logic Aristotelian philosophy Aristotle Athens atoms Carneades Chrysippus Cicero comes conception concrete consciousness constitutes crete Critias Cyrenaics Democritus determination dialectic Diog Diogenes Laertius Dionysius the younger divine eiSo Eleatics empiricism Ennead Epictetus Epicurean Epicurean philosophy Epicurus essence everything existence exoteric expressed external finite Glaucon Gnostics Greece Greek philosophy Hegel hence Heraclitus Hermias himself Idea individual itself Jezirah Jupiter knowledge Laert lative Leucippus likewise matter Megarics merely metaphysics mind moments monad moral movement natural philosophy nature negative Neo-Platonic Neo-Platonists nothing Notion object opposite ovra Panaetius Pantheism Parmenides particular perception Phaedrus Philebus Philo philosopher king philosophy Philosophy of Mind Plat Plato Platonic ideal Platonic philosophy Plotinus Plutarch Porphyrius principle Proclus Protagoras pure Pyrrh Pythagoras Pythagoreans reality really reason regards relation Scepticism scholasticism self-consciousness sense-perception sensuous Sext Sextus Empiricus Sicily Socrates something soul speak speculative speculative philosophy Speusippus Steph Stobaeus Stoicism Stoics subjective idealism sublated substance syllogism teleological Theophrastus therefore theurgy things thinking thought thus Timaeus tion triad trope true truth understanding unity unity of opposites universal vidual virtue vovs whole Zeno

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