Memoirs of the Geological Survey of India, Volume 33

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order of the Governor-General of India., 1902 - Geology
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Page 86 - Award of the Wollaston Gold Medal, Geological Society of London, 1888. The Dharwar System, the chief auriferous rock series in South India. On the Igneous rocks of the districts of Raipur and Balaghat, Central Provinces. On the Sangar Marg and Mehowgala coal-fields, Kashmir. Part 3. — The Manganese Iron and Manganese Ores of Jabalpur. 'The Carboniferous Glacial Period.
Page xii - On the geological age of certain groups comprised in the Gondwana series of India, and on the evidence they afford of distinct zoological and botanical terrestrial regions in ancient epochs.
Page 103 - Royal 8vo, Pt. i, 1898 (price a Rs.) : Notes on the Geological Structure of the Chitichun region.— A note on the Allahbund in the north-west of the Rann of Kuchh.— Geology of parts of the Myingyan, Magwe and Pakokku Districts, Burma. — The Geology of the Mikir Hills in Assam.— On the Geology of Tir.ih and the Bazar valley.
Page xi - Geological observations made on a visit to the Chaderkul, Thian Shan range. On the former extension of glaciers within the Kangra district. On the building nental stones of India. Second note on the materials for iron manufacture in the Raniganj coal-field. Manganese ore in the Wardha coal-field.
Page 125 - Some observations on percolation as affected by current. Notice of the Pirthalla and Chandpur meteorites. Report on the oil-wells and coal in the Thayetmyo district, British Burma.
Page 66 - ... care is exercised only to extract the payable portions of the orebody. Much exploratory work in waste rock is, therefore, necessary in order to locate the pay ore. Similar factors influence the metallurgical treatment. With low-grade stuff the ore is passed quickly through the mill, a high stamp duty being maintained by the use of coarse screening and a low discharge, and the cyanide process is relied upon to catch the gold that escapes amalgamation. Whereas with high-grade ore the usual practice...
Page 90 - Price 2 annas. No. 5. Economic mineral products. By FR Mallet. (1883.) Price 2 annas. Descriptive catalogue of the collection of Minerals in the Geological Museum, Calcutta.
Page 97 - Annual report for 1889. On the Lakadong coal-fields, Jaintia Hills. On the Pectoral and pelvic girdles and skull of the Indian Dicynodonts. On certain vertebrate remains from the Nagpur district (with description of a fish-skull). Crystalline and metamorphic rocks of the Lower Himalayas, Garhwal and Kumaun, Section IV.
Page 137 - Geological notes made on a visit to the coal recently discovered in the country of the Luni Pathans, south-east corner of Afghanistan.
Page vii - Geological notes on the Hills in the neighbourhood of the Sind and Punjab Frontier between Quetta and Dera Ghazi Khan.

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