Across the Border: Or Pathan and Biloch

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Chapman and Hall, 1890 - Afghanistan - 344 pages

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Page 184 - Ruthless, cowardly robbery, cold-blooded, treacherous murder, are to an Afridi the salt of life. Brought up from his earliest childhood amid scenes of appalling treachery and merciless revenge, nothing can ever change him : as he has lived — a shameless, cruel savage — so he dies.
Page 24 - The good old rule, The simple plan, That he shall take who has the power, And he shall keep who can.
Page 126 - ID spring it is a vegetable emerald ; and in winter its manyProper Bannfi coloured harvests look as if Ceres had stumbled against the Great Salt Range, and spilt half her cornucopia in this favoured vale.
Page 24 - Your thoughts are unholy, unchristian — damnable. In that same book that lies before you, there is an express command, ' Thou shall do no murder.' " " A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye, and a life for a life. But fear not, I will do no murder. And, Ardent Troughton, if I did, you at least should be grateful for it. This murder, as you improperly call it, will restore you to your father, to your mother, to your sister. But fear not. The Lord himself will decide this question. I am but an instrument.
Page 129 - Every stature, from that of the weak Indian to that of the tall Durrani, every complexion, from the ebony of Bengal to the rosy cheek of Kabul, every dress from the linen garments of the south to the heavy goat skins of the eternal snows is to be seen promiscuously among them, reduced only to a harmonious whole by the neutral tint of universal dirt.
Page 185 - ... of profligacy. Those who dwell in the hills are illiterate and ignorant to an extraordinary degree. Mr Elphinstone relates, that some of the Naikpeekheil, a clan of this tribe, found a mollah one day copying the Koran, and, not well understanding what he was about, struck off his head, saying, " You tell us these books come from God, and here you are making them yourself.
Page 126 - Bannfi coloured harvests look as if Ceres had stumbled against the Great Salt Range, and spilt half her cornucopia in this favoured vale. As if to make the landscape perfect, a graceful variety of the sheeshum-tree, whose boughs droop like the willow, is found here, and here alone ; while along streams, and round the villages, the thick mulberry, festooned with the wild vine, throws a fragrant shade, beneath which well-fed Syuds look exquisitely happy, sleeping midway through their beads.
Page 127 - Most of the fruits of Kabul are found wild, and culture would bring them to perfection : as it is, the limes, mulberries, and melons are delicious. Altogether, nature has so smiled on Eannu, that the stranger thinks it a paradise; and when he turns to the people, wonders how such spirits of evil ever found admittance.
Page 322 - Singh Nalwa, the governor of Kashmir, was sent to Hazara to subdue the country. He had to face many difficulties. It took him three years to overpower the warlike mountaineers. "Along the whole frontier", says Edward E. Oliver, "from Karachi to Kashmir there is nothing that for the grandeur of its mountains, its plentiful streams, picturesque scenery, and charming variety, can touch the Hazara Valley, and probably few can boast a more interesting diversity of people, more thriving villages.
Page 248 - You have only got to put a rupee in your eye, and you may look at any Mohmand, man or woman.

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