A Latin-English dictionary

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John Murray, 1855
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Page xi - It has been the object of the Authors of this Work to produce a more complete and more perfect ENGLISH-LATIN DICTIONARY than yet exists, and every article has been the result of original and independent research.
Page xi - The fare jumps abruptly from 5 cents to 10 cents, without any intermediate gradations, creating the same undesirable conditions which have led to the development of the overlapping zones in the Palmer and Westfield sections. So far as we are aware, this is the first time that an attempt has been made in this country to split an urban single-fare territory in this somewhat violent fashion. The advisability of progressing by comparatively small steps from the minimum to the maximum fare has very generally...
Page v - Latin authors, or to enable a diligent student to read them in the most profitable manner. It was, therefore, thought that a LatinEnglish Dictionary, of convenient form and moderate price, containing all the words occurring in the existing records of the language from the earliest period down to the fall of the Western Empire, and exhibiting a sufficient number of quotations to illustrate the meaning and explain the construction of each word, would be a valuable aid to all persons engaged in the...
Page 23 - Kven some veri«, which in the active are constructed with the Dat of the person and the Ace. of the thing, in the passive change this Dat of the person into the Xom., while the Ace.
Page 95 - omission ' of a letter or syllable at the beginning of a word ; eg Us for stlis, natus tec gnatus. Ap6c6pe, 'cutting off...
Page 73 - De. Credam ego istuc, si esse te hilarum videro. Ar. An tu ease me tristem putas?
Page 94 - The right to wear a gold ring was possessed in the time of the Republic by the équités only : hence anulus equestris, Hor.
Page 88 - ... ut ad bella suscipienda Gallorum alaeer ac promptus est animus, sic mollis ас minime rrsistens ad calamitatee perferendas mens corum est.
Page 120 - Ipul, eptum, |. t». o. [rapio] to »cUf., tnatcJi, lay hold of, draw to onetelf (esp. with eagerness and force): ut cum eriperet, manum arripuit mordicus : vix foras me abripui atque effugi, PI.
Page 147 - Fam. 6, 6, 2. |V. m'«» decision, cvmmatid, prtcrpt, decree : si ad verba rein deflectere velimus, consilium autem eorum, qui scripserunt, et rationein et auctoritatem relinquamtu : id.Cuec.

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