Dazzling mirage

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Loud Books, 2007 - Nigeria - 129 pages
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Dazzling Mirage is an amazing novel by Olayinka
Abimbola Egbokhare, it is a book that teaches/
eeducatesthe duthe story cates, about Sickle Cells
Anaemia, talks about lots of love and most of all
how love is what makes Sicklers live.
Oluwafumiwo is the adopted and the only child of
Mr and Mrs Adebayo, was atchedver to the known
until several events passed. Fumiwo favourite
called Dazzler by her father Dr Femi Adebayo, is a
sicker, she faced so many challenges been a
sickler. Through stigmatization and heart breaks.
Fumiwo lived under a great and wonderful love of
her parents, she was not allowed to do so many
things her peers did, due to her health condition.
She is a graduate of Unilorin in a department in
Humanities and served her country in Ilorin too.
Fumiwo got a job in Ibadan at Advert Merchant
Nigeria, an advert agency owned by Adedotun
Atoyebi. Sanya, Fumiwo’s boyfriend left her heart
broken due to her health condition, he is the only
son of Mrs Fadipe (his mother) who wanted to see
her grandchild but had no hope in the sickler. This
lead to Sanya’s engagement to Tade his new
research assistant. Who was at his office at IITA
for internship. Sanya’s breakup almost lead to the
dazzler’s death been indoor, sick for almost three
days, but her gate man Alli, who was vigilant
enough called her boss, Dotun. Dotun is Fumiwo’s
boss at Advert Merchant, he appreciates Funmi’s
beauty, intelligent and hardwork but he was really
concern of her health conditions, which about her
frequent absent from work. He became more
interested in Funmi when he watched her present
a speech at the Sickle Cell Association. He paid
Fumiwo the first visit, received with good
hospitality by her mum Mrs Alice Adebayo. Dotun
with the help of Alli got Funmiwo out of the house
to the company’s doctor, she was been well
looked after by Dotun’s mother Mrs Atoyebi,
Dotun’s first girlfriend as called by the writer.
Funmiwo was greatly loved by Dotun’s mother and
Dotun himself, which later grew to their marriage.
Others around her were Bukola her best friend
who she lamented to on how she broke up with
Sanya. Also Adeolu who they shared genotype is
her little 8years old friend; he eventually became
her ring bearer. Lanre is the TLC (Tender Loving
Care) doctor, Funmiwo’s collegue at work, as well
as Dotun’s close pal. He was there to show good
loving towards Funmiwo, when she got married to
Dotun and to Dotun towards his wife.
Dr Ayodele, Funmiwo’s doctor right from childhood
notified Dotun of the possible complications of her
pregnancy to her childbirth. He advice Funmiwo on
a two months bed rest because of her health
conditions and to monitor her closely before her
Estimated Time of Delivery (EDD). Short after that
time Funmiwo slumped at the meeting of sicklers
and she was quickly taking to the hospital and was
attended to.
Funmiwo pregnancy became more complicated,
she was losing her breath and strength and having
bone pain, which frequently occur at her crisis.
She has been in the hospital on bed rest for over a
month and have passed her EDD a week and
something was needed to be done fast.
A debate was taking, Funmiwo was greatly in pain
whether there should be a Caesarean Section
carried out on her or the normal labour, a ratio of
3:2 was observed in favour of CS. A whole of Mr
and Mrs Adebayo, Mrs Atoyebi, who was very
supportive of her son, Bukola, Lanre and Dotun
himself were all there at the hospital in curiosity
for their love towards the Dazzling Mirage.
Funmiwo finally had her delivery, but she loss a lot
of blood and was also losing her breath.
Funmiwo’s heart stopped beating, Dr Ayodele who
took the surgery and her father who observed the
proceedings were the two left in room they both
tried to revive Funmiwo but no positive response
until life support machine was used. Watch the
tick-tick of the heart. They both breathed a sigh of
Its three years after, Dotun and his


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