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MJ Distribution, 2011 - Biography & Autobiography - 152 pages
Casa Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, His Friends and the Mystical House that Launched Them Judy Fusco with Kevin Paterson In Casa Facebook, the author weaves together fascinating real-life stories of the founders of Facebook, the Silicon Valley kingpins, and a mystical house that became headquarters to the social networking startup that changed the world. This compelling narrative provides readers with an insightful view into the lives and community that launched Facebook and the dynamics that can transform wild dreams into reality. "Casa Facebook is a captivating story of Judy Fusco's experience with American values seen in the context of her Asian heritage," says Anita Wonder, author and close observer of the drama that played out at the house. "One can't read this book without feeling there is a deeper meaning to the extraordinary home where an American institution took shape." According to Judy Fusco, author of Casa Facebook, "In recent years I've had the opportunity of closely watching a transformational idea take shape around my dining room table, as a team of young entrepreneurs took a dream and unveiled it to the world. This social revolution has made a positive difference in the lives of millions-800 million members to be exact-and in the events of nations." "It seems," she says, "as if destiny brought these social revolutionaries to my house for a brief season and a great purpose. Perhaps, too, the mystique surrounding the house played a significant role in launching the global invasion of social networking and in propelling the Facebook founders to world renown. By taking a look through a window of time-a window I and many others have called Casa Facebook-we can listen and learn from the carriers of this grand idea, and in their lives we can find inspiration that can shape our own destinies." You can access blogs and 8 narrative videos about Casa Facebook which provide a visual look inside the many compelling stories surrounding this social networking phenomenon and the startup team - Mark Zuckerberg and his friends. The videos include a compelling video tour of the many Casas (headquarters) of Facebook. To register for additional content, go to

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