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Dynamite, Oct 26, 2010 - Comics & Graphic Novels - 104 pages
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The long lost adventure of Zorro continues! Join the classic creative team of writer Don McGregor and artist Mike Mayhew as they present an untold tale of the legendary Fox in the wilds of old California. Collects issues #1-4, along with a complete cover gallery.

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Review: Zorro: Matanzas (Zorro Comic)

User Review  - John Yelverton - Goodreads

A good story, but with no context, you could not get into the emotions the characters were feeling. Read full review

Review: Zorro: Matanzas (Zorro Comic)

User Review  - Goodreads

A good story, but with no context, you could not get into the emotions the characters were feeling. Read full review

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About the author (2010)

Don McGregor, writer
Donald Francis McGregor was born 6/15/1945 in Providence, Rhode Island. Home is now Brooklyn N.Y. Writer, Editor
A pioneer of creator rights in comics, Don broke into the field with Warren publishing in 1970, writing for Creepy and Eerie magazines, until he landed a job at Marvel writring "The Black Panther," "Killraven," Luke Cage "Morbius" and other series (1973-1976). He created and wrote "Sabre" (Eclipse, 1978), one of the first independent graphic novels marketed directly to comics specialty stores, and then Detectives, Inc. (Eclipse, 1980). In the 1980s Don wrote short stories in Eclipse Magazine (1981-1983) and Alexander Risk (New Media, 1981). He returned to Killraven in 1983, Detectives, Inc. in 1987, and wrote and directed the movie based on "A Terror of Dying Dreams." He returned to the Black Panther in 1989-91, with stories dealing with South Africa and Apartheid, and tackled drug addiction in "Panther's Prey." He has written Spider-Man and the Batman. He wrote James Bond: The Quasimodo Gambit, for Dark Horse, and has been a speaker at the annual 007 weekends around the country. Don has also written two prose books: Dragonflame and Other Bedtime Nightmares (Fictioneer, 1978) and The Variable Syndrome (Fictioneer, 1981) Presently, Don is involved in bringing to fans everywhere the Johnston McCulley hero of the west, "Zorro" with new adventures (Matanzas, not yet released) about old California in the 1820's. He wrote the nationally syndicated Zorro newspaper strip, the first year of which was printed by Image, with new strips added that couldn't appear in the newspapers. He has a regular column in Comic Book Artist magazine.
Sidney Lima, artist
It all began with a silly drawing competition I used to have with my friends - "the author of the worst drawing eats it" - yes eat paper, pencil drawings and even inked ones! I still remember the taste of a Batman piece I did, all Dark Knight style with a lot of blacks and INKED. Yechh. Since then, my drawing has improved.

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