Annals of Phoenixville and Its Vicinity: From the Settlement to the Year 1871, Giving the Origin and Growth of the Borough with Information Concerning the Adjacent Townships of Chester and Montgomery Counties and the Valley of the Schuylkill

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Bavis & Pennypacker, Printers, 1872 - Chester County (Pa.) - 295 pages
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Page 22 - Children that is more to us than Life. Therefore We the humble Petitioners hereof, Do Desire An Answer from your Excellency By ye Bearer With Speed, so no more at present from your poor afflicted People Whose names are here Subscribed.
Page 42 - Arms, and gave it Suck, and the Indians driving the children together, and spoke to them in High Dutch, 'Be still; we won't hurt you.' Then they struck a Hatchet into the woman's Head, and she fell upon her Face with her Babe under her, and the Indian trod on her neck and tore off the scalp. The children then...
Page 41 - Tomhacks, knocked the woman down, but not dead. They intended to kill the Man, but his Gun (though out of order so that he could not fire) kept them off. The Woman recovered so farr, and seated herself upon a Stump, with her Babe in her Arms, and gave it Suck, and the Indians driving the children together, and spoke to them in High Dutch, be still we won't hurt you.
Page 22 - That we have Suffered and is like to sufer By the Ingians, they have fell upon ye Back Inhabitors about falkner's Swamp & Near Coshahopin.
Page 116 - By virtue of the power and direction to me especially given, I hereby enjoin and require all persons residing within seventy miles of my Head-Quarters to thrash out half of their grain by the first day of February, and the other half by the first day Of March next ensuing, on pain in case of failure of having all that shall remain in sheaves after the periods above mentioned seized by the commissaries and quartermaster of the army, and paid for as straw.
Page 60 - Uncontroulable and undefined by any express Law ? " Upon the whole, Gentlemen, give me Leave to tell you once for all that I neither will consent to take upon me the Powers you offer, nor yet to remove Mr. Moore from his offices, without a full Hearing, in order to satisfy my self of the Truth of the Charges against him, agreeable to the Practice of all preceding Governors of this Province on Complaints exhibited against Justices of the Peace. It will, therefore, be in vain for you to spend...
Page 108 - Road) so that before full intelligence of their crossing came to headquarters, or rather before it gained credit they were thought in council to be at too great a distance to be harassed in the rear by fatigued troops, by these means we have got but a few prisoners.
Page 30 - Rsck dams, & with great hazard and hard Labor Escaped with his Life & Load. Jonas Jones Saith, That in ye month of Ffebruary it being Extream cold, he stroke fast on a fish Dam, and to save his Load of wheat was obliged to leap into ye River to ye middle of his body, and with all his Labour and Skill could not get off in less than half an hour, afterwards proceeding on his Journey with ye said wet cloaths they were frozen stiff on his back, by means whereof he underwent a great deal of misery.
Page 116 - Half by the 1st day of March next ensuing, on Pain, in Case of Failure of having all that shall remain in Sheaves after the Period above mentioned, seized by the Commissaries and Quarter-Masters of the Army, and paid for as Straw.
Page 26 - Examinant presented his gun and shot at the Indian man, that he believes the Indian was wounded for he saw Blood upon his Breast, that John Winter at the same time shott one of the Indian Women, and then run up and knocked another Indian Woman's Brains out...

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