The generating plant

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Van Nostrand, 1904 - Electric lighting
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Page 488 - INCANDESCENT ELECTRIC LIGHTING. A Practical Description of the Edison System, by H. Latimer. To which is added: The Design and Operation of Incandescent Stations, by CJ Field; A Description of the Edison Electrolyte Meter, by AE Kennelly; and a Paper on the Maximum Efficiency of Incandescent Lamps, by TW Howell. Fifth Edition. Illustrated.
Page 486 - The How and Why of Electricity. A Book of Information for non-technical readers, treating of the Properties of Electricity, and how it is generated, handled, controlled, measured and set to work. Also explaining the operation of Electrical Apparatus.
Page 489 - LOCKWOOD, TD Electricity, Magnetism, and Electro-Telegraphy. A Practical Guide and Handbook of General Information for Electrical Students, Operators, and Inspectors. Fourth Edition. Illustrated. 8vo., cloth, 374 pp $2.50 LODGE, OLIVER J.
Page 485 - Elements of Electric Lighting, including Electric Generation, Measurement, Storage, and Distribution. Tenth Edition, fully revised and new matter added. Illustrated. 12mo., cloth, 280 pp $1 .50 Power Transmitted by Electricity and Applied by the Electric Motor, including Electric Railway Construction.
Page 23 - ... As a unit of electromotive force, the international volt, which is the electromotive force that, steadily applied to a conductor whose resistance is one international ohm, will produce a current of one international ampere, and which is represented sufficiently well for practical use by \\\% of the electromotive force between the poles or electrodes of the voltaic cell known as Clark's cell, at a temperature of 15 C., and prepared in the manner described in the accompanying specification...
Page 22 - As a unit of resistance, the international ohm, which is based upon the ohm equal to 10" units of resistance of the CGS system of electromagnetic units, and is represented by the resistance offered to an unvarying electric current by a column of mercury at the temperature of melting ice, 14.4521 grams in mass, of a constant cross-sectional area and of the length of 106.3 centimetres.
Page 486 - BOWKER, Wm. R. Dynamo, Motor and ~ Switchboard, Circuits. For Electrical Engineers. A practical book, dealing with the subject of Direct, Alternating, and Polyphase Currents. With over 100 diagrams and engravings. 8vo, cloth.
Page 24 - It is nearly filled with the solution, and connected to the rest of the circuit by being placed on a clean copper support to which a binding screw is attached.
Page 492 - WEYMOUTH, F. MARTEN. Drum Armatures and Commutators. (Theory and Practice.) A complete treatise on the theory and construction of drumwinding, and of commutators for closed-coil armatures, together with a full resume^ of some of the principal points involved in their design, and an exposition of armature reactions and sparking.
Page 488 - KELSEY, WR Continuous-Current Dynamos and Motors, and their Control; being a series of articles reprinted from the "Practical Engineer," and completed by WR Kelsey, B.Sc.

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