Gloves, Their Annals and Associations: A Chapter of Trade and Social History

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Hamilton, Adams & Company, 1883 - Glove industry - 263 pages
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Page 6 - Now this was the manner in former time in Israel concerning redeeming and concerning changing, for to confirm all things ; a man plucked off his shoe, and gave it to his neighbour : and this was a testimony in Israel.
Page 206 - ... time of the tilt was suspended round the neck. Pardon this antiquarian scruple, which, you may believe, occurred to few but myself. On the whole, this striking part of the exhibition somewhat disappointed me, for I would have had the Champion less embarrassed by his assistants, and at liberty to put his horse on the grand pas. And yet the young Lord of Scrivelsbaye looked and behaved extremely well.
Page 208 - Kingdom, or that he ought not to enjoy the same, here is his Champion who saith that he lieth, and is a false traitor ; being ready in person to combat with him, and in this quarrel will adventure his life against him on what day soever he shall be appointed.
Page 82 - ... holding in his hand a very fair orange, whereof the meat or substance within was taken out, and filled up again with the part of a sponge, wherein was vinegar, and other confections against the pestilent airs ; to the which he most commonly smelt unto, passing among the press, or else when he was pestered with many suitors.
Page 37 - ... decayed. The corpse was habited in a rich mantle of purple, paned with white, and adorned with ornaments of gilt metal, studded with red and blue stones and pearls. Two similar ornaments lay on the hands.
Page 202 - Hear this, O man whom I hold by the hand, who callest thyself John by the name of baptism, that I, who call myself Thomas by the name of baptism, did not feloniously murder thy father, William by name, nor are any way guilty of the said felony. So help me God and the saints, and this I will defend against thee by my body, as this court shall award.
Page 255 - Thou more than most sweet glove, Unto my more sweet love, Suffer me to store with kisses This empty lodging, that now misses The pure rosy hand, that wear thee, Whiter than the kid that bare thee.
Page 238 - Now the low beams with paper garlands hung, In memory of some village youth or maid, Draw the soft tear, from thrill'd remembrance sprung ; How oft my childhood marked that tribute paid ! The gloves suspended by the garland's side, White as its snowy flowers with ribands tied. Dear village ! long these wreaths funereal spread, Simple memorial of the early dead...
Page 23 - ... with songs and dances from house to house, blessing the people, and gathering of money...
Page 107 - ... old garment into the shape of a new one. — The cloth, while fresh and new, is made either a cape or mantle ; but, in order of time, first it is a cape, after a little space this is transformed into the other: thus ye

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