American tool making and interchangeable manufacturing: a treatise upon the designing, constructing, use, and installation of tools, jigs, fixtures ... and labor-saving contrivances ...

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The N. W. Henley publishing co., 1905 - Crafts & Hobbies - 535 pages
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Page 542 - A practical treatise of 300 pages describing the theory and principles of the action of Gas Engines of various types and the design and construction of a...
Page 541 - This book is entirely different from any other on machine-shop practice. It is not descriptive of universal or common shop usage, but shows special ways of doing work better, more cheaply, and more rapidly than usual, as done in fifty or more leading shops in Europe and America.
Page 543 - It is a complete practical treatise on the art of American Tool Making and system of interchangeable manufacturing as carried on to-day in the United States. In it are described and illustrated all of the different types and classes of small tools, fixtures, devices, and special appliances which are in general use in all machine-manufacturing and metalworking establishments where economy, capacity, and interchangeability in the production of machined metal parts are imperative.
Page 543 - An indispensable work to all interested in electrical science. Suitable alike for the student and professional. A practical handbook of reference containing definitions of about 5,000 distinct words, terms and phrases. The definitions are terse and concise and include every term used in electrical science. Recently issued. An entirely new edition. Should be in the possession of all who desire to keep abreast with the progress of this branch of science.
Page 543 - ... in its descriptions and illustrations, which represent the very latest practice in lathe and boring-mill operations as well as the construction of and latest developments in the manufacture of these important classes of machine tools. A large amount of space is devoted to the turret lathe. its modifications and importance as a manufacturing tool. 320 pages. 200 illustrations.
Page 543 - Written by a man who knows not only how work ought to be done, but who also knows how to do It, and how to convey his knowledge to others. To all turners this book would be valuable." — Engineering. " We can safely recommend the work to young engineers. To the amateur It will simply be invaluable. To the student it will convey a great deal of useful Information."— Engineer.
Page 540 - Complete directions for making handkerchief perfumes, smelling-salts, sachets, fumigating pastils; preparations for the care of the skin, the mouth, the hair, cosmetics...
Page 543 - O'CoNOR SLOANE. This book gives the history of the theory, discovery, and manufacture of Liquid Air, and contains an illustrated description of all the experiments that have excited the wonder of audiences all over the country. It shows how liquid air, like water, is carried hundreds of miles and is handled in open buckets. It tells what may be expected from it in the near future.
Page 543 - The uses to which the leading brands of steel may be adapted are concisely presented, and their treatment for working under different conditions explained, also the special methods for the hardening and tempering of special brands.
Page 540 - The various parts are shown broken or removed, so that the internal construction is fully illustrated. Each part is given a reference number, and these, with the corresponding name, are given in a glossary printed at the sides.

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