Robert Wyer, Printer and Bookseller: A Paper Read Before the Bibliographical Society, January 21st, 1895

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Page 16 - Englysshe whiche be good : and whiche be badde after the influentes of the Moone drawen out of a boke of Aristotiles de Astronomiis.
Page 17 - And also the Assyse of Ale, with all maner of Wood and Cole, Lath, Bowrde and tymbre, and the weyght of Butter and Chese. Imprynted by me Robert Wyer.
Page 29 - The Dreames of Daniell, with the Exposycions of the xij Sygnes, devyded by the xij Monthes of the Yeare ; and also the Destenys both of Man and Woman borne in eche Monthe of the Tere. Very necessarye to be knowen. Imprinted by me Eobert Wyer. 16mo. Contains [ABCDE] F in fours. Mr. W. Brenchley Rye of the Museum says that ' Heber's copy sold 35 years ago for the moderate sum of two shillings.
Page 16 - Moneth in the yere, chaunsynge, doth protende and sygnyfye, with the course and dysposycyon of the dayes of the Moone : whiche...
Page 33 - GOODALL, John. The Lyberties of the Cleargy, collected out of the Lawes of this Realme, boath necessary for Vycars and Curates.
Page 22 - The Antidotharius in the whiche thou mayst lerne howe thou shalt make many and dyuers noble plaesters, salues, oyntementes, powders, bawmes, oyles, and wounde drynkes, the whiche be verye necessarye, and behouefull, utyle and profytable for euery Surgyan, therin to be experte, and redy at all tymes of nede. (Colophon:) Imprynted by me Robert Wyer dwellyng at the sygne of seynt John Euangelyst, in seynt Martyns parysshe, besyde Charynge Crosse.
Page 35 - ... upon Berdes,' contained in his ' Boke of the Introduction of Knowledge/ it professes to be an answer) another of Colin Clowt, and a figure of a female. Unknown to Ames, Herbert, and Dibdin. A copy is in the British Museum. A new treatyse in maner of a Dialoge whiche sheweth the excellency of manes nature, in that he is made to the Image of God, and wherin it restyth, and by howe many wayes a man doth blotte and defyle the same Image.
Page 17 - The Boke of the fayre Gentyl-|woman, that no man shulde put his truste, or confy-|dence in : that is to say, Lady Fortune : | flaterynge euery man that coueyteth to | haue all, and specyally, | them that truste in | her. she deceyueth them | at laste.
Page 17 - ... books, poorly printed and adorned with cheap woodcuts, reached a market untouched by the more expensive products of de Worde and Pynson, so much so, that Wyer produced another book of the same kind, consisting of questions and answers on matters astronomical, or as it was called in a later edition, The boke of demaundes of the scyence of Phylosophye and Astronomye, Betwene kynge Boctus, and the Phylosopher Sydracke?
Page 31 - Examples howe mortall synne maketh the synners inobedyentes to have many paynes and...