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Art, intrigue, and plenty of twists and turns make this art mystery a great read. Petra Andalee and Calder Pillay set out to find the connection between their teacher (a freewheeling constructivist teacher), the eccentric woman in their neighborhood, the bookstore owner, and an international art thief. Balliett intersperses fascinating information about Johannes Vermeer and his paintings ... Read full review

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This was a very interesting book! I love the words used to describe, and how all the events connect together. Despite the other comments, this book is one you must definitely read, one of the mystery genre. The ending is almost a twist, and it's very interesting! A great class read, too.

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I think Chasing Vermeer is a very good book. It is wonderful for all ages. Any kid would have lots of fun reading and decoding the book. This is the very best mystery I have ever read. If I had to give this book a star review I would give it five stars. I would recommend this book to many people. I think this author should be very famous. 

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My First Choice!
This book written as a puzzle and wrapped up as a mystery. This book is rewarded with first choice reading. This book gives you lots of hints as to art and codes. Will the mystery be solved by its reader.

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Chasing Vermeer is a mystery filled book. The first parts of the book are pretty confusing at first, in my opinion, and sometimes I wouldn't understand what was happening in the story, but now, I'm in the middle of the book, and the story is starting to get juicier. So, people out there, if you're going to read this book, don't leave the book aside when you're in the beginning, read until the middle. Trust me, you won't regret it. 

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Reviewed by Me for
I think the fact that I had never heard of CHASING VERMEER before I picked up a copy at the bookstore helped in my enjoyment of it. After I finished reading the
book, I read with interest other reviews, which is usually my habit after I've written my own review. I like to see what other readers thought of a story, or how similar--or, in some cases, dissimilar--my own thoughts and feelings are from other readers. I was surprised to see that many had touted CHASING VERMEER as a THE DA VINCI CODE for the younger set. I was surprised by the supposed hype that the book had generated. I was surprised, in fact, by the way I was caught up in the story myself. Although I can't comment on it's similarity to THE DA VINCI CODE (I'm one of probably only a handful of humans on the planet who hasn't read it!), I can say that CHASING VERMEER is a mixture of mystery, art, precociousness, and ingenuity that made it a joy to read.
Petra Andalee and Calder Pillay live down the street from each other in Hyde Park, share the same birthday, and have as the same sixth-grade teacher, the wonderful Ms. Hussey, at University School. It's rare to find a teacher who allows her students to have a say in what material they will cover, and both Petra and Calder are aware of this. When Ms. Hussey asks the students to discuss with an adult a letter that changed their life, most students are baffled. When the assignment fails, Ms. Hussey instead takes them on a field trip to the Art Institute--where the worlds of Petra, Calder, Ms. Hussey, and Vermeer collide.
Who was Vermeer? An artist, it turns out, who has several paintings attributed to him that some members of the general public don't agree were done by the painter himself. Suddenly, Petra and Calder's world is filled with a strange book entitled "Lo!", a painting known as "A Lady Writing," an old lady named Mrs. Sharpe, a man who owns a bookstore, a set of twelve pentominoes, a bunch of frogs, and a few bags of blue M&M's.
CHASING VERMEER is, quite simply, an art mystery in the style of Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys, but more interesting and complex. This is a delightful read, and I can't wait to read THE WRIGHT 3, the next story in the adventures of Petra and Calder.

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This book is a sort of good book. It is a mystery about these 2 kids named Calder and Petra. They risk there lifes to save a painting called The Lady Writing. Although it is a good mysterty.

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